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Thread: 2021 《 灵域 Spirit Realm 》 程潇

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    Thanks for the updates krabs. Really appreciate it!

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    Always been a big fan of Cheng Xiao! Everyone's acting is great! it's really good!

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    Completed this drama without fast forward
    i rate it 5.5/10
    better than "legend of awakening 2020 天醒之路" but suffer from the same faults and bad ending
    1 of the 3 directors from this drama is from LoA 2020 天醒之路

    actress cheng xiao's "no kissing scene" rule applies for both drama

    "black smoke" gaoyu never reappeared after the ice vs lava elemental battle although the blood elemental guru said he survived the fight

    songtingyu presumably gone after her body was absorbed by the artificial AI ye-xian-er fairy

    grandpa is gone and only explained as "trapped elsewhere"

    it wasn't clearly explained the 3 tier of human , immortal , overlord ruler race
    feels like an onion , other drama only have 2 tier while this have an "dimensional alien class" above the immortals and their heaven palace hierarchy
    gongmulie is a mixed , sometimes he can have "giant size"

    the mass battle scenes against the giants are memory flashback and zoom out far away

    in the whole drama I think only the 2 "high priestess" died

    bad ending as it show the assembled men group going to the heaven palace or the aliens
    female lead "dead" again , same as LoA 2020 天醒之路

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    dont really like this drama, too much love and romance story , make me confuse with its "fantasy" language, lack of detail,etc

    i rate 5 out of 10

    my next drama should be Douluo Continent, i hope it will better

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