I have two pairs of Creative T20 2.0 PC speakers which I bought aeons ago for $100. They don't have a buzzing/humming noise when no sound is being played. This is a sign of good quality speakers. They also produce a lot of bass (very surprising to me coz this is a 2.0 system meaning it has no subwoofer to make bass sounds). But quality control of Creative speakers is bad. Out of two pairs I own, one pair had bad soldering job so that one speaker always doesn't work. The other pair doesn't have this issue.

The other bad thing about the T20 is it needs this huge ugly power adapter to work.

Creative came out with something new now called the Creative Pebble. This also doesn't have a buzzing/humming sound and doesn't need a huge "wall wart" AC adapter coz it uses USB power. You can see on the back of the speakers there are these passive radiators to produce bass:


This is the thing I love about Creative, all their 2-piece speakers have decent bass!

But again, I don't trust Creative quality control. Willing to bet if you buy 2 Creative Pebbles, one of them will have a bad soldering job so one speaker doesn't work sometimes...

Back to the point of this thread, Creative produces these very good speakers, so I thought some Chinese company will go produce a knock off with possibly better quality control. Has anyone encountered a good pair of cheap 2.0 speakers from China with decent bass and no buzzing/humming sound when idle? Something with passive radiators like the Creative Pebble?