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Thread: Huawei MateStation game console

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    Default Huawei MateStation game console

    This looks interesting. I never owned a game console past SNES. The most 3-D games I played were from the WinXP era. Been yearning for something more modern. To me XBOX and PS games were never appealing to me.


    Huawei reportedly working on a gaming console and a gaming laptop

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    Have you tried playing handheld games line Nintendo switch? I prefer using it than Ps or Xbox.

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    Ya! Who plays console games these days? Only if you are a collector who is interested in the history of games. Otherwise, most of the players are interested in kwg game portal, where you can use an app for a smartphone, like any other modern guy or girl does. As for me, I definitely vote for this. I like money-making games.

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