I was using my second-hand bought laptop hooked up to a Lenovo 1080p monitor and external keyboards until I sold it (the laptop I mean). So then, this now free Lenovo monitor got hooked up to a desktop PC I built myself. At first things seemed strange. The picture quality on the monitor is more blurry than when I hooked it up to the laptop. I thought it was the desktop having a cheaper quality graphics card than the laptop so I just let it slide. Then today, I looked at a graph and saw that the fill color of the bar in the graph was spilling out into the surroundings. This definitely doesn't seem right. How can the colors inside a rectangle be spilling out of its borders? Something must be wrong with my monitor! When I reset the monitor settings back to factory default, I got the clear picture quality I was getting with my laptop again! Moral of the story? Computer monitors are NOT plug-and-play. When u switch to another device connected to the same computer monitor, always reset the monitor back to factory default. Or u will suffer symptoms like parts of the screen getting cut off, blurry picture quality, etc.