In FULL MOON, CURVED SABRE, the minor character Ding Heung (or Siu Heung, depending on the translation) was a servant to Ching Ching. At one point, to Ding Pang's astonishment, Ding Heung exhibited the skill of Lee's Flying Dagger. As it turned out, Ding Heung was the daughter of Lung Siu Wan Jr., and had learned the skill from her father (who had learned it from Lee Chum Foon). Now I know the Lungs were in disgrace after SENTIMENTAL SWORDSMAN, RUTHLESS SWORD, but I thought that the family would have had enough residual respect and wealth that Ding Heung wouldn't need to work as someone's servant. What a comedown for someone whose immediate ancestors had been wulin aristocracy.