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    I have never gotten into PUBG. Game looks like crap (outdated graphics from some game made in 1998). Also turned me off, non-interactive environment. Genshin Impact did some of this right. You can slash away trees and shrubs, etc. What's so hard about making a game where you can interact with the environment? Sheesh! Leave some bullet holes in walls, etc.

    This new take on PUBG (set in the future) may change my mind though, depending on how much damage u can do to surrounding elements and structures...

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    PUBG is good though. @topic I can't wait for the zombie version of this game. So hyped with this!

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    It doesn't share the same mechanics as PUBG and completely is a different game but if you like zombie stuff you need to try the Left 4 Dead series. It's my favorite.

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    I agree that PUGB has not the best graphics, but I wouldn't call this game crap or smth like this. I usually spend time with friends playing it and have plenty of fun. I guess people who care only about graphics should play Ubisoft or Activision games like Far Cry that have the same gameplay again and again, lol. I've recently downloaded the PUBG Mobile lite and the game still looks perfect. I think you should be less critical, imho.
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