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Thread: Word of Honor Aka Faraway Wanderers by Priest

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    Quote Originally Posted by hirobo2 View Post
    I just watched The Ying Yang Master (2021) movie. It has the same theme as this show. MC is a folding fan weapon wielding lord of demons who takes a young girl to be his servant (like Ah Xiang in Word of Honor). Costarring is the actor who played the MC in The Wandering Earth. Movie isnt very highly rated on Douban but its mindless action fun with lots of v good to excellent CGI. Supposedly also based on Omyoji video game by Netease so theres lots of wuxia mixed with xanxia. Highly recommended!

    this one is better than The Yin Yang Master 2020 , it's funny to think that 2 similar movies based on Omnyoji from different companies, released the movie nearly at the same time
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    I like the idea of the main character being a villain that was once a good guy... u don't see that too often in movies!

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    BL aside, is the wuxia really good? Or does the popularity mainly due to the BL element and pretty faces?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hirobo2 View Post
    Lol I keep on telling ppl, we're living in the age of Jin Yong derivative works. There is no more originality. Ppl got tired of Jin Yong adaptations, that's y they're all getting low budgeted, especially the new RoCH look like a low budget adaptation. So now the only way to make money by creating derivative works. Tencent going all Disney style taking all old Japanese anime and TV series adding some touches and modifications and then calling them their own work.
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    Seems drama on Ep 11 going for the Xiao Ao Jiang Hu theme. MC is this bum who got "kicked out" of his guild. Second male lead is this evil DFBB wanna-b. Hope they won't pull a XAJH ending on this series where second male lead sacrifices his life to save MC out of homo-feelings for him... Coz then that would make this drama very boring and a wast of my time. If you gonna rip off Jin Yong's work, at least try to have an original ending!
    OMFG what a lame ending! Wen Ke Xing sacrificed his life to save MC just like I predicted last month. These newbie Jin-Yong-copycat writers piss me off!

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    Well actually wkx didn't die. At end there's an epilogue 11 min ep 37. Chen Lin grown up running the four seasons or has son or daughter forgot. But he tells his students stories about the 2. Then at very end shows a kid asking ah xu for tips in swordsmen ship. As he tells him wkx interrupts with white hair and the two starts fighting. Then the senior deciple of Gao chong comes and says the 2 are the strongest immortals since both learned the 6 inner cultivation thingy ye bi yi mastered.

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