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Sword and Brocade
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Thread: Sword and Brocade

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    Default Sword and Brocade

    Set during the Ming Dynasty, the story revolves around the romance between General Xu Lingyi and the concubine's daughter Shiyiniang that starts from an arranged marriage. Despite being born with a low status, Luo Shiyiniang is extremely assertive and believes that a woman's vision should not be limited to the household. She hopes to rely on her embroidery skills as a ticket to freedom. However, the once esteemed Luo family is in a state of decline. Hoping to save the clan through a marriage alliance, Shiyiniang is selected to become the wife of Yongping Duke and great general Xu Lingyi. Things were not easy for Shiyiniang due to the Xu family's biases towards her. Nonetheless, she manages to win over their trust through her optimism and sincerity. Xu Lingyi also becomes attracted to Shiyiniang's various beautiful qualities such that husband and wife manage to find love after marriage.Through Xu Lingyi's support, Shiyiniang opens Xian Ling Pavillion to have her own embroidery workshop. Meanwhile, Xu Lingyi experiences many setbacks as he tries to protect his homeland and improve the livelihood of the people by supporting the lifting of a maritime ban. As they face a crisis that could spell the end for the Xu family, Xu Lingyi and Shiyiniang continue to support each other through thick and thin.

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    I finished watching it literally like just now. 45 eps is quite a well paced series. I did not know what I was in for when I started watching, I was just bored. But it seemed to be pretty enjoyable. Wallace is doing well in a mature role. Seven is cute as the wise Madam Eleven. The costumes are nice for the leads, but for some of the supporting are not so great. The acting is good. the plot is cliched and predictable but it is a good ride. It is like a less intense version of "The Story of Minglan" where it touches on the themes of ancient polygamy and marriage alliances. I would say give it a go.
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    If I were Xu Lingyi, I would easily fall for Shiyi too!..

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