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Thread: How do you deal with difficult challenges life has given you these days?

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    Default How do you deal with difficult challenges life has given you these days?

    As the title says, please feel free to share it.

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    Much of the challenges we face are caused by our ignoring our individual limitations and priorities. I believe that we don't face more "difficult challenges these days" than at any time in history. It is only that being ours, they're oversized by our emotional perceptions. Don't fear, don't be angry, don't hate, ..., don't waste your time. Think about you doing something that would make you feel proud of yourself (not what others believe, or say).

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    I ask myself what it is I need in every moment and I give myself that thing without guilt or hesitation. In that way, I get on with things.

    If I cannot meet that need immediately, I accept it and then I create the environment it needs for me to be aware of its existence within my perceived reality.

    My difficult challenge is learning to live within my personal limitations (disability) and the way it affects my life... thereby I somehow exceed what I think I know.
    My freedom comes from embracing my limitations.

    If someone asked me this one year ago, "how do I get through challenges"
    I would have said "I drink... and tread water and bury my head in the sand"...coping much like many others.

    Now I look for where my power is rather than dwell on where it is not.

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