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Claiming Chinese TV has gone "full woke SJW" is the most ludicrous thing I've seen in years.
No-one said that Chinese TV has gone complete SJW. Instead, what is actually being suggested here is that the Chinese TV writers and producers may be writing things to not anger SJWs, which does involve some aspect of pandering to them.

And seeing as the modern audience of Wuxia in the Mainland do act like SJWs to a degree (complaining about anything they dislike, initiating cancel culture, advocating for censorship, etc.), it wouldn't be unreasonable to suggest that perhaps the writers/producers are aware of this and have to be aware not to anger them, which means that their writing and ideas has been influenced or suppressed.

So definitely not 100% SJW, but the medium is showing signs of it due to how everything is now being catered to female audiences and the onset on Yaoi/BL tones in some of them.

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God it's really SAD whenever I want to watch a good Chinese Wuxia/martial arts type of series, I find NOTHING to even watch.
Try the 80s, 90s and early 2000s Wuxias, there's a lot of older series online on YouTube through the TVB and Asia TV:



The only disappointment when watching series on their official YouTube channels is that often the audio is cut out for parts of each episode because of music copyright issues. To get around this they have used the technique of only allowing audio when someone speaks (so that the music cannot be clearly heard), but this isn't all the time unfortunately.

The older series are much better anyway, as it is down-to-earth honest wuxia unlike the male vase exhibitions in modern wuxia.

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And they give us (well I suppose the Chinese viewers that actually enjoy that kind of crap) the shows like 'Blood of Youth' where all the Wuxia/fighting is half-assed plus a main characters acts like a half-wit moron all the time.
I just took a quick look at Blood of Youth, saw the two male leads (guy in the green and guy in the red) and was put off immediately. They were basically like two boy band members made to appear in a Wuxia drama. The audience of young ladies will love it though of course because it's for them.

Men are not their audience anymore.

ROCH2022 might just be okay though, as the actress who plays XLN (Xiaohui Mao) is pretty hot. A good redemption of the disaster that was Michelle Chen as XLN in ROCH2014. The guy who plays YG (Thomas Tong), so far, actually looks like someone who actually belongs in a Wuxia.