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Thread: Internet access in China

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    Default Internet access in China


    Question for frequent travellers to China.

    What websites are available in China?

    It seems to have frozen my google pixel phone's automatic updates.

    I can't access Google search, Google mail, Facebook, Reddit.

    Whatsapp access might be intermittent.

    Is this a common thing? Any way to go around it?

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    Use a VPN to access the internet in China and stay in touch.

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    I would also recommend using VPN.

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    Hi I'm new here and as far as I know

    Except for WhatsApp, all the internet works well without VPN's
    And in most of the forums and articles I've read that WhatsApp can be used in China with VPN's.

    But WhatsApp's official site says that WhatsApp does not allow any third-party ip address service like VPN's.

    And at the same time I came across this FMWhatsApp Apk app at ( on the net which is a modified version of WhatsApp which allows you to use WhatsApp with VPN's.
    But since this is a modified version of WhatsApp, I don't think it's right to use such apps.
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