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Thread: Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 (2021/22)

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    I found that this is not really classic Wuxia and the fight scenes are not that good but agree it is one of the better wuxia airing these days. Sigh these days Wuxia is soo dying, I knew it that we can't expect too much.

    But I also found the show a bit boring, it's like a beautiful drama with beautiful scenes, weapons, props and costumes but it's hard to care for the characters, the love traingle between the supporting casts are also too over dramatic, maybe if there is one who is worth cared about it is Lei Chun's adopted brother Di Feijing

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    I usually think it's the director n script writers fault for trying to deviate from source materials.

    Like in beginning it was good then traveling, finding jobs, becoming sworn brothers etc. Then after that one strong guys death n main six hall leader story just felt like going nowhere.

    Same happened with who rules the world. Beginning was good then all focus on imperial family got boring.

    I think with these wuxia series having the main character start off op doesn't give them room for growth. Exception was bai switching sides n lei chun but she didn't really do much.

    And alot of scenes seems to be cut or edited bad. Major fight between difijin n yikan wasn't there n wang xiaoshi sifu n wenrou vs doom thirteen.

    That's y usually jin ying series r good bc most main doesn't start strong then start learning etc traveling jianghu etc made the Adventure entertaining instead of staying in on set location. In here they were just in capital. But makes u wonder y the four constables don't come to help instead of just name dropping em.

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