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Thread: Financial Crisis 2008 v2 in 2022

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    Default Financial Crisis 2008 v2 in 2022

    2008 July-Aug -- Beijing Summer Olympics
    2008 Sept-Oct -- Start of Subprime Crisis

    2022 Jan-Feb -- Beijng Winter Olympics
    2022 Mar-Apr -- Start of [made up shiet by USA] Crisis

    Mark my words. West is anti-China. Olympics is a major CHINESE political/economic device/tool. West intends to crash the markets after China puts on a show.

    Covid-19 is a faked event (all ppl who got regular flu test positive for Covid-19 via false positive test kits) to make ppl stay at home, familiarize themselves with the stock market, get suckered into investing waiting for China to "uplift world economy" (after Beijing Olympics, when the opposite will happen...)

    Covid-19 is Western political/financial tool to emphasize China the one who will "save the world economy" after putting on a little show in 2022!!

    Stock market only works if there are suckers to buy at the top (which is what Covid-19 and Beijing Olympics 2022 all about [in the Western elite bankers' eyes!])
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    There's NEVER gonna b a case where China does some important publicity stunt/event (like hosting an Olympics), and the West allows the stock markets (hence world economy) to rise afterwards.

    West has always been/will always b about sabotaging China's rise...

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