One of the reasons I stopped watching Hollywood superhero movies is coz their costume design suck. Ever since the Michael Keaton Batman Costume, the Batsuit design got worse and worse. One Batman even had nipples on his suit.

This is a must criteria for me to see another Hollywood superhero movie -- a good suit design!

My fav heroes would be: 1. Batman 2. Superman 3. Supergirl

So, I noticed this thing after seeing so many character designs in anime and video games: Chinese designers I would rank #1, followed by Japanese at #2, and then everyone else.

I mean take a look at this female elf design, the Japanese one (from Legend of Zelda) looks kinda retarded:

Chinese Elf design:

Japanese Elf design:

The Chinese Elf design has a folding crossbow, whereas the Japanese design has these bulky, retarded looking pre-loaded crossbows hanging from the sides:

Anyways, so back to topic. I wish Hollywood would hire some Chinese artists to design their superhero costumes.

Take a look a Supergirl, the single red cape on her back looks really awful and bland.

Pretty sure if a Chinese designed a Supergirl costume, she would have a split cape design, soemthing like this:

Even if the movie sucked, the double ended/split cape could serve as a gimmick to distract my attention from a bad script.