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Thread: Mobile Game Developers Should Learn from Moonton

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    Default Mobile Game Developers Should Learn from Moonton

    Mobile game developers should learn from Moonton. The thing they got right was the small apk package that lets you start the game right away while downloading resources in bits and pieces in the background once the game is launched.

    This the reason I quit playing Genshin Impact. Seemed like every week there's a new +2GB update. Don't have time to sit thru this kind of bullshiet week after week.

    The small apk also makes it easy to bypass the Google Play Store as they can be obtained from other sites. Nobody likes having to log into their Google accounts just to download a Play Store app, and Google makes it almost impossible to get a new Google account unless you have a new mobile phone number.

    That's not to say Mobile Legends doesn't suck. It does. But when ML made like 100+ Million downloads d/t its clever distribution strategy vs. something like Wild Rift that generated much hype but only got 10+ Million downloads so far, you can see how much superior a mobile game is if you can play it without having to download all the resources. And if you can obtain the game from some place other than the Google Play Store!

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    Most developers avoid letting users install their game other than thru Google Play Store coz they feared the other versions had been hacked and updated with cheats. BUT, there is absolutely nothing wrong with distributing the game thru other app galleries than the Google Play Store.

    Take Mobile Legends for example. The apk u can obtain from BigNox is just as legit and unhacked as the official Google Play Store version... This y Mobile Legends can b a big success with ppl using PC emulators who don't have a Google Account vs Wild Rift where it's impossible to install the game on PC emus unless ye got a Google account.

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    This is definitely true, I passed playing LOL mobile, because they're literally new to moba games.

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    You guys heard of Pokemon Unite? It's a moba game now available in play store, it looks interesting!

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