Years ago, I had a desktop PC with bundled Nvidia GPU graphics card. Then a bit later I saw an ATI graphics card on sale for $50. Bought it and swapped out the stock Nvidia card. Wow! What a big difference. The ATI card produced way much better graphics.

It's a good thing ATI was bought out by AMD. Intel is ran by Indians now coz the Zionists had planned to use India as a counterweight to China. But look at the result, Intel CPUs suck more and more each passing year!


Intel CPU ---> No thanks!!
Nvida GPU ---> No thanks!!

AMD CPU ---> Yes, please!!
ATI GPU ---> Yes, please!!

My last Intel CPU was Ivy bridge 3rd generation from 2012. The fukz I wanna put up with the arrogance of Zionist companies like Intel/Nvidia from now/then on!!