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Thread: What do you think would have happened Mu Nianci liked Guo Jing instead of Yang Kang?

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    Default What do you think would have happened Mu Nianci liked Guo Jing instead of Yang Kang?

    Huang Rong did threaten her to stay away from Guo Jing with a knife. If Nianci fell for Guo Jing and refused though, what do you think Huang Rong would do? Would she carry through with that? Which raises another question. Given her selfish and sometimes cruel behavior (I recall her once brutalizing a fat peasant who did nothing to her) do you think she would have been able to win Guo King’s heart without her incredible beauty? It was she, after all, who started hitting on him, am I right?

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    Nianci ends up dead or scarred unless she backs down, which given Nianci's character, she won't - not if she'd fallen for Guo Jing the way she did for Yang Kang.

    There's a dark side to Huang Rong's personality that is well masked most of the time, but is definitely there. She's been spoiled rotten by her father and has no qualms inflicting pain and injury on people she doesn't like. Guo Fu gets a lot of hate but, in point of fact, some of the most dislikeable aspects of her personality mirror her mother's to a remarkable degree. Unfortunately unlike HR she lacks the craftiness/intelligence to conceal it (or has been indulged to the extent that she doesn't bother to).

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    Mu Nianci was backed up by 7 masters (freaks of jiangnan) , and Trio Quanzhen elders (Qiu Chuji, Ma Yu, wang chuyi) as a representative of Guo Jing's father
    so in the end, probably Guo Jing would ended up to harem life, marrying both Huang Rong and Mu Nianci
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