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    Default Pi Kong Zhang palm

    Hong Qigong said:
    "After i have been there for a few days with the pretense of discussing martial art, he wanted to teach me the "xian tian gong" and yi yang zhi (solitary yang finger). The old beggar thought: in the past his Solitary Yang Finger was in a level ground with my Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, the Old Poison's Toad Stance, the Old Heretic Huang's pi kong zhang (spliting the air palm) and Divine Flicking Finger; nowadays he had mastered Wang Chongyang's "xian tian gong". in the second Sword Meet of Mount Hua the title of number One martial artist in the world certainly belong to him; why would he want to pass on these two special skills to old beggar, without any reason whatsover? if he wanted to exchange knowledge, why wansn't he willing to learn my Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms? there must be something behind this.
    was that a Typo?
    firstly, Splitting the Air Palm is a common skill or technique, there re many other warriors who also use this skill
    secondly, i dont recall when HYS impressed anyone with this skill?

    Peach Blossom island or Huang Yaoshi really had too many palm skills, which is confusing
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    infamous palm that said was in a level ground with 18 dragon subduing palms, toad stance, divine flicking finger, and yi yang zhi

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