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Thread: Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 (2021)

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    Default Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 (2021)

    Based on the novel 雪中悍刀行 and adapted to the screen by screenwriter Wang Juan(Joy of Life, Duoluo Continent, Young Blood).

    About a young master named Xu Feng Nian who under the eager expectation of his father Xu Xiao persevered through hardships and growth to become the King of Northern Liang. Although the road was long and obstructive, and filled with ruthless murderous intentions, Xu Feng Nian constantly improves his martial arts skills, and he gathered many crucial people during this journey. He led the Beiliang cavalry to fight against Beimang at the time of the Beimang invasion and become the beacon of hope in the Central Plains.
    (Source: Baidu)

    Main Roles:
    Zhang Ruo Yun and Xu Feng Nian
    Li Gengxi as Jiang Ni
    Hu Jun as Xu Xiao
    Zhang Tian Nai as Nangong Pu She
    Vengo Gao as Chen Zi Pao

    Other Key Roles:
    Frida Li as Xuan Yuan Qing Feng
    Zoey Meng as Hong Shu
    Zhang Yi Shang as Shu Xiu
    Han Hao Lin as Zhao Xuan Su
    Zhang Tian Yang as Lu Qian Tang
    and many more...

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    It's airing now on Tencent. Sadly the wuxia is bad. The fighting is too slow motion.

    I'm not feeling the story much either. It's ok but doesn't give the same excitement of Jin Yong or Gu Long adaptation. I feel as if the protagonist has too many cheat codes on his side, his father Xu Xiao is the ultimate one.

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    This show falsely advertised as Wuxia.
    Instead it should be a rojak of Wuxia initially followed by Gongdou then Xianxia.
    There is a character that can summon an ancient beast lol.
    Also there was a claim that the plot is much deeper than Jinyong @[email protected]
    I dont buy it when I when the trailer say "儿子打老子是天经地义 then the protagonist kicking
    his father's butt. Obviously it has to be a slick comedy.
    And yes. Didnt bother to watch it pass the 1st episode.
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    this is a Masterpiece
    with Joy of life
    Great acting
    read all the comments on each episode

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