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Thread: Historical distribution of Jin Yong's main novels.

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    Default Historical distribution of Jin Yong's main novels.

    Breaking down the historical setting of Jin Yong's main novels, we find the distribution as follows:

    Sung Dynasty (three stories): DGSD, LOCH, ROCH

    Yuan Dynasty (one story): HSDS

    Ming Dynasty (two stories): SPW and SSWRB

    Qing Dynasty (three stories): DOMD, B&S: G&R, FFoSM

    Sung and Qing appeared to be Jin Yong's favorite stomping grounds. Yuan, being relatively short, accommodated only one story. Surprised that Ming didn't get more play.

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    A deadly Secret is also Qing
    Ode to Gallantry is Ming dynasty

    two short novels , mandarin duck blades and white horse neighs in the western wind are Qing era

    While Liang yusheng has story setting in Tang Dynasty, Jin Yong seems not interested in it.
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