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Thread: DOMD '84 characters that I wish existed in the novel.

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    Default DOMD '84 characters that I wish existed in the novel.

    DOMD '84 introduced a few characters into the story who were not in the novel, but I wish they had been.

    1. Captain Ching: A police captain in Yangzhou who was friendly with the Wais and was secretly a member of the Heaven and Earth Society. He tried to save the Chong Family from being accused of anti-Qing, pro-Ming plots, but was ultimately killed by Obai's agents. He lasted only one episode, but had some memorable moments.

    2. Takala: A capable official completely loyal to Emperor K'ang Hsi and the Qing Dynasty. Where Wai Siu Bo was the wildcard that K'ang Hsi used when he needed an unpredictable element, Takala was the one whom the emperor turned to when he needed someone competent and reliable.

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    not from DOMD'84 , but i wish some historical figures that oppose kangxi or create their own faction has a bigger role in the story.

    some example:
    - Some ex-Ming princes who still fight back kangxi or the one that declared southern ming dynasty (zhu shugui, zhu yihai, prince honghuan, zhu youlang, zhu yujia, zhu yuyue, hongguang, prince ningjing, yongli emperor)
    - Zhang Xianzhong (li zicheng's ally who was the main actor of sichuan massacres )
    - Wang Fuchen, a warlord of shanxi who rebelled
    - some manchu clans who revolt (like Hoifan tribe , ula tribe)
    - Dzungar tribe or Qirat tribes who took over Tibet and oppose kangxi emperor

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