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Thread: Some Guidelines--Read Please!

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    Default Some Guidelines--Read Please!

    Hello everyone,

    hkopinions and I don't want to make this forum too strict, but we feel that there's certain things to go over.

    1. When making a thread on an actress, make sure there isn't already an existing one. If you create a new thread on an actress that is not in the index, please pm the mods so we can put it in the index.

    2. All quick questions, such as inquiries on the name of a certain actress in a certain show will now go into hkopinion's quick question thread.

    3. As with all forums, please refrain from spamming and personal attacks. Criticism of an actress is allowed, but please keep it constructive despite the fact she'll never read it. ^_^

    4. Pictures are welcomed, but I've noticed that the actresses forum has an INTENSE amount of pictures. Please understand that some users have slower connections (me included), therefore, try to refrain from posting a large amount of pictures. Attaching and linking may be a bit for hassle, but it will keep threads clean and fast loading.

    5. Please respect copyrights! Always give credit when posting articles and pictures. There are certain sites that only allow pictures to be posted when specific permission is given. Please follow those rules, or else just provide links and directions to the pictures. Everyone's been doing a great job of that, but I just wanted to throw this out there.

    ^^;; I've talked more than I had planned. I'm sorry, but thanks to everyone for their cooperation!
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