Is there anyone here interested in reading GuLong's novel but machine-translated? I know the wuxia classic novel site in Indonesian which contains many gu long novels and on that site there is a google translator machine tool which consists of English, German, French, etc. so you can read them based on your country's language.

It should be underlined that the novels translated by MTL do not have as good a translation quality as the novels translated by HTL.

The wuxia novels in Indonesia are also translated by HTL from Mandarin into Indonesian using the Hakka dialect, so the titles and character names will be slightly different from those in international ones, but in terms of plot, the story remains the same, that's also what made me have to research and Matching the Wuxia Gu Long Novel Title from the English Version with the Indonesian Wuxia Gu Long Novel Title.
Here is the list below:

Chu Liuxiang series

  • Fragrance in the Sea of Blood (Xue Hai Piao Xiang)
  • The Vast Desert (Da Sha Mo)
  • The Thrush (Hua Mei Niao)
  • The Legend of the Bat (Bian Fu Chuan Qi)
  • Phantom Love and Heroic Romance (Gui Lian Xia Qin)
  • The Legend of the Peach Blossom (Tao Hua Zhuan Qi)
  • The Legend of the New Moon (Xin Yue Zhuan Qi)
  • The Midnight Orchid (Wu Ye Lan Hua)

The Eleventh Son series

  • The Eleventh Son (Xiao Shi Yi Lang)
  • To Destroy the Eleventh Son (Huo Bing Xiao Shi Yi Lang)

Lu Xiaofeng series
Note : In Indonesia, Lu Xiaofeng series consists of 10 stories, while international only consists of 7 stories
  • The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng (Lu XiaoFeng Zhuan Qi)
  • The Embroidery Bandit (Xiuhua Da Dao)
  • Before and After the Duel (Juezhan Zhi Qian)
  • The Silver Hook Gambling House (Yin Gou Dufang)
  • Ice Wonderland
  • Phantom Manor (You Ling Shanzhuang)
  • Duel in Butong )
  • The Phoenix Dances in the Nine Heavens (Feng Wu Jiu Tian)
  • The Wasp Queen
  • Laughter of the Sword God (Jian Shen Yi Xiao)

Grand Era of Wuxia series

  • Gamble, Wolf's Teeth, Pursue-and-kill (Du Ju Xi Lie)
  • Silver Condor, Sea Deity (Lie Ying)

Seven Weapons series

  • The Longevity Sword (Zhangsheng Jian)
  • The Peacock Tassel (Kongque Ling)
  • The Green Jade Saber (Biyu Dao)
  • The Amorous Ring (Duoqing Huan)
  • The Overlord Spear (Bawang Qiang)
  • The Separation Hook (Libie Gou)
  • The Fist (Quantou)

Little Li Flying Dagger series
Note : In Indonesia, the Little Li Flying Dagger series consists of 7 stories, while the international version only consists of 5 stories
  • A Fanciful Tale of the Fighting World (Wu Lin Wai Shi)

Note : The international version does not include Wu Lin Wai Shi in the Little Li Flying Dagger series because the content of the story has too little to do with the Little Li Flying Dagger series story (it is possible that A Fei is a descendant of Shen Lang, although not explicitly stated).
  • Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword (Duoqing Jianke Wuqing Jian)
  • Eagle Soaring in the Ninth Month (Jiu Yue Ying Fei)
  • Horizon, Bright Moon, Saber (Tianya Mingyue Dao)
  • Bordertown Wanderer (Biancheng Langzi)
  • The Sound of the Sabre in a Border Town (Bian Cheng Dao Sheng)

Note : Bian Cheng Dao Sheng was not actually Gu Long's composition, but Ding Qing's composition with Gu Long's help specially made for a drama adaptation of the film, before finally being novelized. Although the plot of the story has hints from Gu Long, the real story is Ding's independent creation, aka Ding Qing is Gu Long's ghostwriter.
  • Flying Dagger, Flying Dagger Appears Again (Feidao Youjian Feidao)

Standalone novels:

  • Eerie Moon and Evil Star (Yue Yi Xing Xei)
  • The Flower-Guarding Bell (Hu Hua Ling)
  • Full Moon and Curved Saber (Yue Wan Dao)
  • Thorn of the Chrysanthemum (Ju Hua Di Ci)
  • Journey of a Swordsman (Wu Qing Bi Jian)
  • The Story of the Lost Soul (Shi Hun Yin)
  • Cleansing Flowers, Refining the Sword (Huan Hua Xi Jian Lu)
  • Heroes Shed No Tears (Yingxiong Wu Lei)
  • Sword of the Third Young Master (San Shaoye De Jian)
  • Lover's Arrow (Qing Ren Jian)
  • A Merry Hero (Huan Le Ying Xiong)
  • The Tale of a Wandering Swordsman (You Xia Lu)
  • The Seven Stars Dragon King (Qi Xing Long Wang)
  • Broken Gold and Incomplete Jade (Can Jin Que Yu)
  • A Big Shot (Da Ren Wu)
  • Seven Assassins (Qi Sha Shou)
  • White-Jade Tiger (Bai Yu Lao hu)
  • Carved Jade Dragon (Bai Yu Diao Long)
  • Legendary Siblings (Jue Dai Shuang Jiao) (Note : In Indonesia Legendary Siblings is divided into 3 stories)
  • A Graceful Swordsman (Ming Jian Fengliu)

Actually there are a few more titles that I want to add but I have to research again whether it's really gu long's work or not.

I didn't add a link in every title because I avoided being considered spam by the administrator. So if you are interested in reading it please contact me via message, I will send a list of titles along with a link there.

I hope this helps