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Thread: How much time passed in DOMD?

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    Default How much time passed in DOMD?

    How much time passed between the beginning of DOMD, when Wai Siu Bo first left Yangzhou for Beijing, and the end of the story when WSB left Beijing for the final time?

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    Good question

    this DOMD timeline always bothering me.

    some points i can provide:

    *the beginning of story =

    novel: The Yangzhou massacre in May, 1645 in Yangzhou,
    Qing dynasty China, refers to the mass killings of innocent civilians by Manchu,
    happened 20 years ago.
    historical date: 1645
    so 1645 + 20 = 1665

    novel: Marshal Zheng died 2 years ago
    marshal zheng = probably Koxinga who captured taiwan from dutch
    history = Died 23 June 1662
    so 1662 - 2 years = year 1660

    novel: Kangxi = 14-15 years
    history = born 1654
    so 1654 + 15 years = 1669

    Wei Xiaobao = 12-13 years (first appearance, 12 years is more likely)

    no mentioned of emperor reign of year or era name

    so when was the start year of DOMD?

    the following events:

    wei xiaobao's age at ghost mansion = 14-15 years

    event: when met the old emperor.
    novel: shunzhi looks like 31-32 years old
    history = born 1638
    so 1638 + 31/32 = 1669/1670

    WXB at Shaolin temple - 15 years old

    novel: Jiunan thinking back more than 20 years ago
    history: Ming dynasty (13681644)

    koxinga passed away in kangxi 1st year

    the last time wei xiaobao's age mentioned, was at wu sangui's mansion = 15-16years

    Li Zicheng age 70+ years

    Event: journey to moscow
    novel: kangxi = 17 years old
    tsar of russia died 4 days ago
    ivan = 16 years, pyotn = 10 years

    12 years ago, wu sangui hanged emperor yongli at kunming

    Events that took a longer time:
    - war vs russia
    - journey to moscow
    - inhabit tongchi island

    the death of wu sangui in history =1678

    but i dont think the DOMD event took so long nearly 20 years, so JY didnt use the real historical date in this case

    my sixth sense said the event took total about 6-8 years, but i dont know how to prove it , lolz
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    Good effort.

    DOMD begins approximately with K'ang Hsi's ascension to the throne and Obai's downfall, and ends approximately with the death of Ng 3 Gwai. The timeframe would roughly correspond to the time between those two events, but yes...necessarily compressed (just like how LOCH condensed many of the events in Genghis Khan's life). It would make sense to me that DOMD encompassed the seven years of K'ang Hsi and Wai Siu Bo's teenage period.

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