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Thread: Greats Royal Rumble...who wins?

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    Default Greats Royal Rumble...who wins?

    Only 1 survivor eventually.

    Scenario 1: All out, every man for himself. Everyone involved only cares for himself/herself.
    Scenario 2: They still have some feelings. Huang Yaoshi will not strike Guo Jing because of his daughter. Guo Jing and ZBT will not fight each other. ZBT and WCY will work together. But there can only still be 1 eventual survivor.

    Rules: No rules. Poison, tricks, anything. Fight to death.

    Wang Chong Yang
    Huang Yaoshi
    Hong Qigong
    Ouyang Feng
    Lin Chaoying
    Zhou Botong
    Guo Jing
    Yang Guo

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    Are we talking about these guys in LOCH or ROCH timeline, or are we taking every one at their peak strength?

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    For scenario 1, let's assume everyone takes a pill that makes them forget everything and also takes away some of their inherent benevolence, if any, and most of them become ruthless to some degree.

    I see ZBT goes out first. He's very prone to tricks. He'll fall into a trap with poisonous snakes set up OYF.

    Next one to go will be GJ. He's simply not resourceful enough for these survival games. He'll succumb to HYS's stone formations.

    Next one is going to be LCY. Women have their inherent weaknesses in the wild.

    Yideng is next. He's lived a sheltered life. The wild is not suited for him. He continues to be weakened by malnutrition and one day, WCY finishes him off.

    On the other hand, HQG feels extremely comfortable. This is almost his natural habitat. He has no issues finding food, water, shelter, whatever. The other combatants also have set up their own lairs.

    HYS has his own strategy. He's simply gonna wait it out. He's confident that no one will break through his stone formations unscathed. That's how he killed GJ. This seems like the best strategy of all.

    YG will now use his charms to form an alliance with someone. He finds HQG to be very compatible. They are both resourceful and street smart. Together, they take out OYF. YG is immune to snake poison because of the snake gallbladders that he took. However, HQG got bitten by a snake during the fight. He goes into hiding to recover but before he does, WCY finds him and kills him off.

    YG is pissed because of his partner's death so he seeks out WCY. They have a huge fight. Normally, WCY would comfortably beat YG but he has just taken out 2 Greats in a row and his internals are depleted. WCY tries to beat YG with superior techniques but YG is able to force him into an internal battle and drains him off. However, YG himself also suffers very bad internal injury.

    HYS seizes this opportunity. He comes full strength at YG. YG has no chance. He goes down after 500 stances.

    HYS, though weakened from the fight with YG, proudly stands and admires his own work.

    However, in a twist no one sees coming, WCY springs from the ground and strikes HYS in the back. He's faked his own death again!!! HYS is now dead. WCY is the final winner, though with his kungfu completely destroyed and a host of grave injuries. He's dead within 5 years.

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