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Thread: Notable cases of mishaps while filming wuxia movies/series?

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    Default Notable cases of mishaps while filming wuxia movies/series?

    Moreso than generic dramatic acting, filming a wuxia movie or TV series comes with inherent dangers. Between wire-dangling high up in the air, pyrotechnic explosions, and swinging around prop weapons, chances are there have been a number cases of mishaps occurring during the production of a wuxia movie or series. Are there any notable cases of serious injury or even fatalities occurring among actors during the making of a wuxia movie or series?

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    I remember watching an interview with Donnie Yen when he said he tore the ligaments in his arm while filming Iron Monkey.
    Also Michelle Yeoh damaged her thigh while filming Wing Chun.

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    I was watching this interview with Michael Miu. At about the 6:30 mark, he discusses being poked in the eye by the dog-beating stick by Barbara Yung while filming LOCH '82 and being hospitalised for a month!

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    Vincent Zhao - During the filming of one of the Wong Fei Hung movies, he seriously injured his ankle to the point where it hadn't healed until the year 2012. He stated that some of the bones in his ankle still hasn't healed yet and that before this injury he was okay with doing the majority of his stunts even jumping from third or second story high buildings. The injury has also affected his flexibility as well.

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