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Thread: Mid-Tier Matchups # 26: Yeung Teet Sum (LOCH) vs. *one* Yellow River Ghost (LOCH)

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    Default Mid-Tier Matchups # 26: Yeung Teet Sum (LOCH) vs. *one* Yellow River Ghost (LOCH)

    It never ceases to fascinate me how weak Gwok Jing and Yeung Hong's fathers were compared to the rest of wulin, and yet were able to singlehandedly defeat dozens of soldiers and make it look easy. If THEY, in all their weakness, could easily defeat dozens of soldiers, you really do wonder how a half dozen Greats, hundreds of powerful allies, and a large army on their own side really could have lost to the Mongols. Ah, history...

    OK...let's make it relatively easy on Old Daddy Yeung. Yeung Teet Sum at full strength/health, with his spear, vs. just *one* Yellow River Ghost (whichever one was the weakest of the four).

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    Sori out of topic during war it's hard to withstand against heavy-army/infantry which highly support of cavalry and archer then just "ordinary" soldiers (light-army)..

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