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Thread: Mid-Tier Matchups # 51: nooB Gwok Jing (LOCH) vs. nooB Yeung Gor (ROCH)

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    Default Mid-Tier Matchups # 51: nooB Gwok Jing (LOCH) vs. nooB Yeung Gor (ROCH)

    Gwok Jing vs. Yeung Gor, the classic Wuxia Forum trope, but...only when they're wulin newbies!

    Both are aged 18 and entering wulin for the first time.

    Gwok Jing has: twelve years of training with the Gong Nam 7 Freaks; two years of Cheun Jen Sect inner power training with Ma Yuk; Mongolian wrestling; archery

    Yeung Gor has: one-night crash course in Ha Mo Gung from crazy old West Poison Au Yeung Fung; four years of Cheun Jen Sect and Ancient Tomb Sect martial arts training from Little Dragon Girl (does NOT include Jade Maiden Manual skills)

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    Logically GJ win in terms of pure martial arts since Jade Maiden Manual/Ancient Tomb skills only "work" against Quanzhen kungfu not every type of martial arts but YG might be could overcome GJ with his "cheat" so I vote for YG..

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