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Thread: Mid-Tier Matchups # 55: Yau Chui Gei (ROCH) vs. Tse Tsun (HSDS)

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    Default Mid-Tier Matchups # 55: Yau Chui Gei (ROCH) vs. Tse Tsun (HSDS)

    Let's do the time warp again!

    Cheun Jen Sect Leader Yau Chui Gei from ROCH finds himself up against the Ming Cult's Golden-Furred Lion King Tse Tsun. This is early HSDS Tse Tsun: he has his vision, but no Dragon Sabre. He does have that spiked cudgel/mace thing he carried as his regular melee weapon before he acquired the Dragon Sabre. Yau Chui Gei has his Taoist whisk and a decent sword (e.g. the one he customarily uses).

    So, Yau Chui Gei has his decades of Cheun Jen Sect martial arts cultivation and training.

    Tse Tsun has 7-Seung Fists and Lion's Roar.

    How does this go?

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    Well both of them almost on par in every aspects but XX seems more "cunning" and "tricky" than QCJ so I'll vote for XX😁😁😁😁

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