I'm having a little trouble putting together the chronology of events in Central Divinity Wong Chung Yeung's life. Please help me put these events in proper chronological order:

Wong Chung Yeung comes into possession of the 9 Yum Jen Ging.

Wong Chung Yeung founds the Cheun Jen Sect.

Wong Chung Yeung ends his relationship with Lam Chiu Ying.

Lam Chiu Ying dies.

First Mt. Hua Sword Tournament.

Wong Yerk See shows Wong Chung Yeung how Lam Chiu Ying manage to write on a stone with her finger.

Wong Chung Yeung has the drinking contest with the monk who invents the 9 Yeung Jen Ging.

Wong Chung Yeung goes with Chow Bak Tung to visit South Emperor Deun Chi Hing in Dali.

Wong Chung Yeung goes into the Ancient Tomb compound and discovers Lam Chiu Ying's Jade Maiden Manual, and leaves behind the part of the 9 Yum Jen Ging that can counter it.