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Thread: Mid-Tier Matchups # 61: Ho Juk Do (HSDS) vs. Yeung Ding Teen (HSDS)

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    Default Mid-Tier Matchups # 61: Ho Juk Do (HSDS) vs. Yeung Ding Teen (HSDS)

    A duel of elders who appeared in flashback before the proper narrative of HSDS.

    We have Kunlun 3 Saints Ho Juk Do facing off against Ming Cult Leader Yeung Ding Teen...two mysterious wulin elders who challenged Shaolin's best during their lifetimes.

    Who takes it?

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    Well if I'am not wrong XX once considered YDT as the one of wulin greatest during his time which mean he put YDT in the same class with Z3F so in the other word based on JY description about YDT level of martial arts and feats I think he is better than HZD..

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    YDT easily. A more interesting matchup would be YDT against the XM Elders. I think he can easily beat one but will struggle against two.

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