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Thread: LGBTQ+ representation in classic Wuxia?

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    Default LGBTQ+ representation in classic Wuxia?

    Hi everyone. Was wondering if anyone knows of any canonically LGBTQ+ characters in 'classic' (JY, GL, LYS etc.) wuxia fiction? Off the top of my head I can only think of 小公子(Xiaogongzi) from Gu Long's "Xiao Shiyi Lang", who is depicted as gender-non-conforming or crossdressing (while ofc not using any modern LGBTQ+ labels, which is why I won't assign them a label), and is also seen flirting with male and female characters (at least in the adaptations I watched). Some other characters are seen breaking gender stereotypes but aren't explicitly stated to be LGBTQ+. Does anyone know any more examples of LGBTQ+ characters? Thank you.

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    Most of it is pretty negative, I regret to say. Traditional wuxia fiction does have a homophobic undercurrent to it, an unfortunate influence of its times.

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    Lots of stereotype in wuxia story for lqbtq, mostly comedy ones

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