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Thread: Ren Woxing VS Xiao Feng

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    Default Ren Woxing VS Xiao Feng

    Both RXW and XF were considered first class fighters. Should RXW fight XF what do you think would be the outcome like? Could RXW suck up all XF's power and finish him off with a single strike?

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    Nope. Xiao Feng would LDA RWX repeatedly without RWX having the slightest chance to get close to him, let alone grab his hand.

    XF for the win

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    I think Yam Ngor Hang is at the level of an LOCH Great. Kiu Fung, however, was at the level of an (end of) ROCH Great, which is a notch higher.

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    Well RWX almost useless against DFBB even with the help of LHC and XWT while XF i think he is one of the great-level fighters which could beat DFBB..

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