Chapter 21 of HSDS

Zhang Wu Ji while reciting in a clear voice walks forward and strikes out with a punch. The sound
of a loud “boom” echoes out and a blur of jade green flashes by the eyes as the top half of the
great pine tree is severed off, flying to a side and landing on the ground almost twenty feet away
from its original spot. All that is left on the ground is the bottom half of the trunk that is now only
around 4 feet tall, the area of disconnection was even and levelled out.

Chapter 24 of SPW

Linghu Chong felt heartbroken and bitter. He couldn't check his anger as he pulled his long sword out, gathered his qi, pulled his arm back, drew a breath and threw the sword out. The sword flew out towards a tall tallow tree with a trunk of a few feet diameter wide. It went through the middle of the tree and severed it. Half of the tree started to shake before it crashed thunderously, throwing up stones and dust off the ground. When Yue Lingshan saw the extent of the power displayed, she pulled her horse's rein back to retreat a couple of steps