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Thread: Nine Yin & Nine Yang

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    I'm curious at the time of Demi God and Semi Devil, 9 Yang is already exist or not? At that time, even 9 Yin is not existed yet. Then what about Guo Jing era. 9 Yang is already exist or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brainsuker View Post
    I'm curious at the time of Demi God and Semi Devil, 9 Yang is already exist or not? At that time, even 9 Yin is not existed yet. Then what about Guo Jing era. 9 Yang is already exist or not?
    The 9 Yeung Jen Ging came into existence shortly before Central Divinity Wong Chung Yeung died, but wulin at large would not know of its existence until nearly seventy years later at the end of ROCH.

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    I agree in terms of power both of them is comparable.

    GJ is seems the best 9 yin practitioner we have seen so far in the trilogy (outside the writer) since he is lucky to have 18 Dragon Palm and only use it to boost his martial arts, except against OYF. He doesn't need to use external martial arts of 9 Yin after 10 years gap of end LOCH and start ROCH, since he is already on par/slightly better comparing other greats. The other advantage is he could use 18 Dragon Palm with much efficient and cost lower energy. I have no idea what it could be if ROCH GJ using 9 yin to fight JLFW, it is not happened since the main protagonist in ROCH is YG, not him. ZBT, the other 9 Yin user also limit himself to use it. So practically we couldn't see full 9 Yin in the trilogy.

    On the other hand Jue Yan, as low level monk in Shaolin is only have luck to learn 9 Yang manual without any of martial arts for many years/decades. only in critical situation he knows that 9 Yang is very powerful. If he is equipped with any of martial arts, the story will be different. He will not die and share his knowledge to GX, ZSF and Wuse.

    The other advantage of 9 Yang comparing to 9 Yin is (for me) the user could storage more energy like more durable battery, could heal himself much faster and seems it could protect the user from poison ( i dont know how much)

    If we compare ZWJ even without QKDNY could heal himself within minutes, of course he also knows some knowledge of medicine. But if we compare to Yi Deng, with 9 Yin manual he need 3 months to cure himself after curing Huang Rong using YYZ.
    The user of 9 Yang also seems to have unlimited internal energy, we could see ZWJ giving his own energy to heal others, fight, injured, healing himself and heal others again. Only in the first fight against 3 Du's he seems almost out of energy.
    ZWJ also seems to be resistance of poison until certain level, in the Zhao Min manor, the other got poisoned after drawing the fake heaven sword, but it didn't affect him.
    Since Jue Yan has no external martial arts and ZWJ also still need some experience, we practically also couldn't see ho w is full application of 9 Yang.
    Only we got a hint that ZSF who has only 1/3 knowledge of 9 Yang already become the best of its time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Cheng View Post
    The 9 Yum Jen Ging had an assortment of hand-to-hand and weapons techniques, so it wasn't just an inner power manual the way the 9 Yeung Jen Ging was. Most of the 9 Yum Jen Ging's practitioners, however, had better external skills of their own and didn't care to use those offered by the 9 Yum Jen Ging. For example, when Gwok Jing was West Poison Au Yeung Fung's prisoner for a time near the end of LOCH, he used weapons skills that he learned from the 9 Yum Jen Ging to spar with Au Yeung Fung, mostly because Gwok Jing didn't have any other weapons skills (all he had were the Gong Nam 6 Freaks' various weapons skills) that were up to the standard of matching up against those of a Great. He never revisited those skills later, however, choosing to rely on Hong Lung 18 Palms and other hand-to-hand skills instead. I'm guessing that if you have no other external skills, the ones offered by the 9 Yum Jen Ging are good to know/have, but if you already possess a Greats-level external skill, you'll probably find the external skills in the manual to be unnecessary.
    I really think that 9 Yin martial arts is better than those Great martial arts. It is said that 9 Yin is created mostly to overcome the existing matrial arts in the world (theoretically at least). About the Great doesn't want to use 9 Yin martial arts, I think it it is a wise option, to remind that 9 Yin Manual has killed so many pugilist that want to own the manual. There are a lot of people like WCY, HYS, GJ and ZBT, they don't use it and only integrate the inner power to their own martial arts.

    It is just the same concept like Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre has killed so many people that want to rules the world.

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