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Thread: Immortal Studios - Adapting Traditional Wuxia Novels into Modern Comics

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    Default Immortal Studios - Adapting Traditional Wuxia Novels into Modern Comics

    Hello All!

    I wasn't sure where to post this, so please let me know if this thread should go elsewhere.

    Im with Immortal Studios, and we are modernizing traditional Wuxia novels by the late novelist and screenwriter Shiao Yi 蕭逸 into comic book form in English for a global audience. We are also creating the first interconnected storyverse of Wuxia stories where all the stories will connect and lead to one epic showdown. Immortal is led by Shiao Yis son, Peter Payhuan Shiao.

    Shiao Yis works include, but are not limited to:


    • Ringing Sword 響尾金鈴 1969
    • Beautiful Swordswoman 艷俠 1969
    • Black and White Umbrellas 黑白傘 1971
    • Boxers of Loyalty and Righteousness AKA Shogun Saints 忠義門 1972 (featuring the Jimmy Wang Yu 王羽 )

    Novels & TV Drama Adaptations

    • Sister Gan Nineteen 甘十九妹 (adapted into two TV Chinese TV dramas in 1996 and 2015)
    • Princess Wuyou 無憂公主 (adapted into the 2008 Chinese TV drama with the same name)
    • Story of the Long Sword 長劍篇 (adapted into the 2004 Chinese TV drama Sword of the Outlaw 長劍相思 )

    We have four comics:

    • The Adept (original story)
    • Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsman (modern update of the novel Jian Xian Zhuang Qi 劍仙傳奇)
    • Fa Sheng: Origins (prequel to The Adept)
    • Assassin G (modern update of the novel Sister Gan Nineteen 甘十九妹)

    Our Kickstarter for Assassin G is now live! The story has been updated to 1980s United States while retaining the same beloved characters and elements.

    Please check it out for more information and how you may contribute to it.

    YouTube Trailer

    Forbes Article
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