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Thread: Yang Dingtian vs Taoist Baisun (teacher of Xuanming Elders)

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    Default Yang Dingtian vs Taoist Baisun (teacher of Xuanming Elders)

    Here is my take on the fight:

    Baisun smirked in amusement as Yang Dingtian walked towards him, murderous rage flowing from the latter’s aura like the heat from a furnace. Sitting on his gilded throne Baisun flexed his fingers, causing frozen lightning to dance across his palms in anticipation of the coming battle. First he would slay the Lord of the Ming Cult then he would go to Mount Wudang and dispose of that troublesome old Daoist. After which he would lead the troops of the Great Khan and wash the land with blood cleansing it of all opposition. Yang stopped twenty feet from the throne, his posture alert but not tense. Despite the distance between them Baisun could sense Yang’s killing intent, as he would the pressure from a rolling storm-front. Grinning even wider Baisun spoke:

    “Why the long face Lord Yang? Did you not find my jest amusing?”

    “You call killing the last of Gao Jing’s descendents a jest? You think framing me for the act and having Du’e try to kill me for it amusing?” replied Yang in a voice like rumbling thunder.

    Baisun barked out a laughter, basking in the man’s fury. The callous action caused Yang to explode in anger and his aura billowed outwards like an erupting volcano, threatening to bury his enemy. The smile disappeared from Baisun’s face and he expanded his own aura. The clash was was akin to a wave of lava crashing into a mountain of glacial ice, the energy released enough to flatten a forest and turn the earth to ash. Shooting to his feet Baisun hurled out his palms and a lance of spectral ice flew towards his foe with the speed of an arrow. His attack was on point and Yang did not move seemingly content to be impaled. Yet the lance missed its unmoving target, instead flying over the man’s shoulder and crashing into the ground behind him. Deadly ice spread out from where the lance had landed killing every blade of grass, every bug and worm, everything within a two foot radius that had life was snuffed out.

    Unfazed by the failure of his first strike Baisun leapt forward, his lightning reefed frozen palms striking out in flurry blows. Yang backed away his movements unhurried yet somehow he stayed just out of reach of his opponent. Hurling bolts of frozen lightning, Baisun struck like a thunder god but no matter how vicious his attacks not one of them landed. Most were avoided by Yang’s ghostly footwork and the few blows that came close to his body were turned away by his aura. Infuriated by his opponent’s evasive manoeuvrer, Baisun decided to launch a strike that Yang would have no choice but to meet. Leaping twenty feet into the air, Baisun channelled all of his powers into his aura and hung suspended in mid air surrounded by semi transparent sphere of cracking frozen lightning. With a scream he released the gathered power which manifested into five spectral dragons, reefed in lightning and ice. Surrounding Yang on all four sides and from above all five dragons struck at the same time, determined to consume the man.

    A globe appeared around Yang’s body its shifting surface a whirl of red, yellow and blue. The dragons slammed into the globe and their monstrous heads were held at bay by the multicoloured barrier. Disbelief flooded Baisun’s face as he saw his attack stopped. His features quickly turned to horror as he watched power flow from Yang’s globe and infect his dragons turning their colour from pristine white to ebony black. Yet it was not just their appearance that had changed but also their allegiance as they turned away from the globe and flew back towards their creator. With his strength spent Baisun could only scream as his dragons consumed him, flooding his body with freezing body before shattering it to dust that swiftly blew away with the wind.
    With a wave of his sleeve Yang dissipated his shield and looked at around at his now tranquil surroundings. Expanding his consciousness to their fullest extent he searched for Baisun’s presence. Finding nothing but a few wisps of a departed soul he nodded with satisfaction then turned and walked away.

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    Good fight if it really happens in the novel unfortunately we don't know how good Taoist Baisun did he is as good as Xuanming Elders or better or even weaker since Cheng Kun which around Xuanming Elders level admit that he is not match for The 33rd Ming Leader..

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