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    Default The New Heaven Sword Dragon Saber

    Thanks to Mandred for sharing the insightful video on Yellow Dress Maiden's background, I decided to start a short story.

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    Default Chapter 1

    Thunder roared like cannon and lightning streaked across the sky as if to shatter the night and the wind shrieked and tormented the terrain from the heavens.

    A young man around the age of seventeen, wearing a cool gray robe, stood outside a cave located at the foot of Mount Zhongnan. Cool raindrops gently fell from the sky landing on his head. He looked up at the sky in dismay, feeling the rain hitting his face. He was tall, straight, slim and exceptionally handsome, though a little pale, as if devoid of any blood. His long black hair was neatly slicked back hanging down his back.

    At that moment, an oil paper umbrella appeared above the young man’s head, sheltering him from the rain. He turned around and saw an extremely beautiful young woman standing behind him.

    The young woman wore a soft yellow light robe. She was slender and elegant beyond comparison, resembling a fairy maiden descending from heaven. Her extremely beautiful face, without the least bit of cosmetics, though a little pale, as if devoid of any blood.

    “Qingxuan, what are you doing out here?” the young man warmly asked.

    The young woman smiled and said. “Silly boy, you know it’s raining but yet you’re standing under the rain. Aren’t you afraid that you’ll fall sick?.”

    The young man let out a sigh and said, “I’m going to Guangming Peak to find my father.”

    “Yeyu, you should go,” the young woman said. “It was Ziyi Gugu (Aunt)’s final wish before she died that you go and look for your father.”

    The young man turned his eyes away from her and said, “It’s been two years since he came to the Ancient Tomb. I hope he has not forgotten us.”

    “He wasn’t heartless,” a male voice came from the cave behind them.

    The young man and young woman turned around and saw a middle-aged man standing at the entrance of the cave. He was wearing a long blue green robe. He was tall and perfectly straight, confident and at ease, quite suave looking. He was the owner of the cave, Yang Wenhua.

    Holding his hands behind his back, Yang Wenhua continued, “Yeyu, your mother, my younger sister’s, biggest regret was that she rejected your father’s proposal to move out of the Ancient Tomb and live with him.”

    The young man’s eyes widened in astonishment. “How come she rejected it?”

    “Your father and your mother truly loved each other. Unfortunately, your father was a follower of the Ming Cult. He had sworn an oath that he would never leave the cult and do whatever it takes to chase the Mongols out of the country. Your mother on the other hand has never once stepped away from Mount Zhongnan. She was somewhat fearful of the outside world. In the end, they got married but never spent much time together. Between love and loyalty, your father chose loyalty and continued to fight the Mongols,” Yang Wenhua continued.

    The young woman named Qingxuan, who was Yang Wenhua’s daughter, looked at the young man and said, “Yeyu, you should go to Guangming Peak and look for your father then. If he’s still alive I’m sure that he’ll be very happy to see you.”

    Yang Wenhua nodded in agreement. “Should you decide to join the Ming Cult to fight the Yuan army, Jiujiu (Maternal Uncle) will fully support you. Your maternal grandmother’s ancestors, the Guo family, once fought the Mongols and defended Xiangyang City with their lives.”

    “I heard that a long time ago Great Hero Guo and his wife Heroine Huang Rong sacrificed their lives for their country as a token of their patriotism and loyalty,” Yang Qingxuan said.

    Yang Wenhua nodded. “Their son Guo Polu who also sacrificed his life to defend Xiangyang City instructed his wife who did not know martial arts to bring their two months old son away from the city so that the Guo bloodline would carry on to the next generation. Our Ancient Tomb martial ancestor Heroine Cheng Ying escorted mother and child out of the city and met our Yang family ancestor, Divine Condor Hero Yang Guo, while they were fleeing from the Mongol army by chance. Although Guo Polu’s wife died but their son survived. Our martial ancestor Heroine Cheng Ying and our ancestor Yang Guo brought the Guo family’s only bloodline back to Ancient Tomb and raised him like a son. ”

    “So the Heaven Reliant Sword was under the care of Great Hero Guo’s daughter Guo Xiang and Dragon Slaying Saber under Guo Polu?” Yang Qingxuan asked.

    “Yes. Unfortunately, the Dragon Slaying Saber fell into the hands of the Mongols after the fall of Xiangyang City. Our martial ancestor Heroine Cheng Ying’s cousin who was supposed to deliver the Heaven Reliant Sword to Emei Sect’s founder Guo Xiang was killed in an ambush while trying to locate her whereabouts. Over the last one hundred years the martial arts community was shaken repeatedly and the saber and sword have changed hands several times. The later generation only knows that the Dragon Slaying Saber is the martial arts community’s most revered, and only the Heaven Reliant Sword is worthy to be its match. But nobody knows why it's most revered. Only our Yang family, Guo Polu’s son and Emei Sect’s founder Guo Xiang knew the saber and the sword’s secret. Before her death, Guo Xiang spent many months looking for the precious Dragon Slaying Saber but could not find it,” Yang Wenhua explained.

    “Maternal Grandfather once said that the sword and saber each contain half of a metal map to Peach Blossom Island and the location of the Nine Yin True Scripture and military strategy book,” the young man said.

    “Fearing that the sword and saber would fall into the hands of the Mongols, our ancestor Divine Condor Hero Yang went to the Peach Blossom Island to retrieve the manual and military strategy book after he knew about the secret. What’s left in Peach Blossom Island now is just an abridged copy of the Nine Yin True Scripture written by Heroine Huang Rong. I allowed your father, Fang Geyin, to read the military strategy book while he was living in the Ancient Tomb so he would be able to use the strategies to fight the Yuan army,” Yang Wenhua continued.

    “Father, is the Pure Yinyang Infinite Skill that you imparted to us more superior than the Nine Yin True Scripture?” Yang Qingxuan curiously asked.

    “Pure Yinyang Infinite Skill is a martial art study consisting of the essence of Nine Yin True Scripture and Nine Yang Divine Art. Nine Yang Divine Art is a martial arts study that focuses on cultivating inner energy which belonged to the Shaolin temple. Over a hundred years ago, the manual was stolen by two Mongol associates by the name of Yinkexi and Xiaoxiangzi. Our ancestor Divine Condor Hero Yang Guo while roaming the world with his wife came across the thieves. After he defeated the two of them, he forced them to return the manual to its rightful owner. Xiaoxiangzi and Yinkexi, who were severely injured after the fight, were poisoned also by our ancestor Divine Condor Hero Yang Guo. He promised that he would give them the antidote once they return the manual to Shaolin temple. Just before he instructed the thieves to return the manual to the Shaolin temple, he read the contents of the manual and later on spent a year creating the Pure Yinyang Infinite Skill, a skill which consists of the essence of Nine Yin True Scripture and Nine Yang Divine Art. It’s a more refined and balanced inner energy cultivation method,” Yang Wenhua explained.

    Jiujiu, Qingxuan, I’ll leave first thing tomorrow morning,” Fang Yeyu said, his eyes gleaming with determination,

    Yang Qingxuan looked at Fang Yeyu. “If you want I can accompany you to Guangming Peak,” she tenderly said, smiling affectionately at him.

    Fang Yeyu’s gaze fell to her extremely beautiful face. He was deeply moved and almost wanted to hug her.

    As Yang Wenhua silently watched the two of them, he recalled the memories of his youth courting his wife.

    When Yang Guo’s son was born, his only friend was Guo Polu’s son. After living in the Ancient Tomb for twenty years, the two of them decided to leave the Ancient Tomb and roam the world to see what it was like outside the cave. It was during that period of time that they secretly helped the Han people in need and took in homeless females as servants. After encountering the love of their lives, they returned to the cave and never once stepped out again. Yang Guo’s daughter in law was the daughter of a Ming Dynasty scholar whose family was massacred by the Mongol imperial court. Guo Polu’s daughter in law was a village girl who lost her parents when their village was raided by bandits. The following generation of the Yang and Guo family were also boys. They continued roaming the world saving the weak while searching for the love of their lives. In the following generation, the Yang family gave birth to a son and the Guo family gave birth to a daughter. They grew up as childhood friends and eventually became a couple. Fang Yeyu’s father who was a follower of the Ming Cult was once injured in a battle with the Mongol army and took refuge on Mount Zhongnan. It was during that period of time that he met Yang Ziyi by chance. She brought him back into the cave and took good care of him out of goodwill and eventually fell in love.

    “I’m fine with the two of you traveling together. It’s about time you go and see what it is like out there instead of just listening to what me and our servants tell you,” he said. “Just remember that the Jianghu is a treacherous place and don’t trust people easily.”

    Fang Yeyu and Yang Qingxuan simultaneously bent forward to express their gratitude to Yang Wenhua.

    “Just buy me some baked seeds while you’re on your way home.”


    Holding hands, Fang Yeyu and Yang Qingxuan walking along the undulating and sandy desert. They exchanged glances, smiled and blushed every now and then, enjoying each other’s company.

    After walking for over 2 miles, they saw a man slapping a boy repeatedly in the middle of the desert. The boy’s cheeks were swollen with blood dripping down from his mouth. A girl standing behind the boy was crying loudly, begging the man to stop.

    Seeing the man was about to hit the boy once more, Fang Yeyu hastily reached for a small stone from the ground and flicked it at the man. The stone flew through the air at unimaginable speed and struck an acupoint in the man’s back and sealed his pressure points.

    The man’s body gave a slight twitch while his hand became still.

    Startled, the boy stumbled five steps back and almost fell to the ground.

    A woman and two young men uttered a cry of shock as they looked toward the man and saw that his pressure points had been sealed from afar. They hurriedly turned around and saw Fang Yeyu and Yang Qingxuan approaching them imposingly. The youngsters were no longer holding hands.

    The woman fixed her squinted eyes on Fang Yeyu and Yang Qingxuan without saying a word. From how they had sealed the man’s pressure points, she could tell that although they were young, their martial arts were not inferior to hers.

    “Bully a junior brought daylight. Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves?” Yang Qingxuan chided. Her voice was cold and detached.

    The woman turned to the man, extended her hand to unsealed his pressure point and then returned her gaze to Fang Yeyu and Yang Qingxuan.

    The man fumingly turned around and shouted, “Stinky kids! Who are you? Why are you interfering with Kunlun Sect’s business?””

    Fang Yeyu smiled and courteously replied, “The both of us live deep in the mountain, and have never had any contact with outsiders, so it would be quite useless to tell you who we are.”

    The man gave a snort of disgust. “If you don’t want to die you’d better scram!”

    Fang Yeyu and Yang Qingxuan looked at each other baffled.

    “I heard that Kunlun Sect is a famous righteous sect in the Jianghu but yet its sect leader is bullying a junior who is not capable of fighting back,” Yang Qingxuan said with a sigh.

    Fang Yeyu looked at the man from head to toe, scrutinizing him. “Judging from your appearance, you must be He Taichong, the leader of Kunlun Sect.”

    The man was indeed Kunlun Sect’s leader, He Taichong.

    “Yes. I’m He Taichong,” the man replied.

    “If you let the little brother and little sister go, we can forget about this incident and walk away without using violence,” Yang Qingxuan said. Her voice was cold and firm.

    He Taichong spat on the ground and indignantly said, “Stinky kids, you’re overestimating your own abilities.” He reached for the sword hanging at his waist, sprang forward and thrust the sword at Yang Qingxuan’s chest. Producing a whistling sound the sword cut through the air at great speed.

    Unfazed and tranquil, Yang Qingxuan leaned sideways to evade and flicked her finger at the blade. The force of her finger was so powerful that it numbed He Taichong’s hand and made him drop the sword to the ground.

    As He Taichong stretched his leg back to retreat, Yang Qingxuan delivered a swift and powerful sidekick to his abdomen and sent him flying ten feet backwards.

    He Taichong groaned as he hit the ground.

    Infuriated, the woman and the two young men standing between her reached for their swords and pounced toward Yang Qingxuan.

    “Let me deal with them,” Fang Yeyu exclaimed. He reached for a jade flute tucked in his sash, flashed in front of Yang Qingxuan, and successively parried the three attacks. He subsequently struck out with the jade flute, jabbed them in the chests, and finished them off with a swift midair roundhouse kick. Although the jade flute struck out at them one after another, the speed was simply unimaginable, as if it was sent out at the same time.

    The woman and the two young men fell sideways and heavily hit the ground, with blood spurting out of their mouths.

    He Taichong hurriedly got back on his feet, rushed to the woman and helped her up from the ground. “Furen (Wife), are you alright?” he nervously asked.

    The woman was his wife Ban Shuxian. She reached down for her sword on the ground and pointed it at Fang Yeyu. “Let’s use our Kunlun Sect’ ‘Dual Swordplay’ to kill this stinky kid!”

    He Taichong nodded at his wife and brandished his sword.

    Yang Qingxuan extended her hand, emitted a strong force and grasped two swords belonging to the two young men from the ground and said, “I’ve long heard of Kunlun Sect’s famous ‘Dual Swordplay’. I would be honored to experience it.”

    Fang Yeyu held his hands behind his back and walked up to the boy to check on his injury. He knew that Yang Qingxuan wanted to test out the dual wielded swordplay which she had been practicing for a long time against Kunlun Sect swordplay.

    Xiongdi (Brother), are you alright?” he asked politely, reaching down for the boy’s hand, helping him up from the ground.

    The boy made a fist palm salute and bowed to Fang Yeyu. “Dage (Older Brother), thank you for saving me,” he cheerfully said.

    Fang Yeyu returned his smile and went over to the girl to check on her. “Meimei, are you alright?”

    The girl nodded with a grin. “Dage, thank you for helping us out.”

    Fang Yeyu stayed by the boy and girl’s side as he watched Yang Qingxuan battle the Kunlun Sect couple, making sure that the two young men from Kunlun Sect could not use any underhand methods to harm the boy or the girl.

    Staring intently at Yang Qingxuan, He Taichong and Ban Shuxian brandished their swords and struck out at her in unison. He Taichong’s sword moves targeted nine fatal points on Yang Qingxuan’s upper body while Ban Shuxian’s sword moves targeted Yang Qingxuan’s lower body. One stood on the northwest while the other on the southeast.

    Unfazed. Yang Qingxuan floated in the air like a breeze, her swords stabbed, slashed, plunged and hacked through the air at great speed, parrying and counter attacking. Her stances were mysterious, smooth and fierce. Every sword move complimented so well with each other that it seemed as though there were two of her fighting the Kunlun Sect couple.

    He Taichong and Ban Shuxian continued pressing forward, executing the Kunlun Sect’s subtle variation sword techniques. As the pair of swords attacked together, their power increased exponentially.

    Yang Qingxuan wielded the two swords simultaneously with great speed and outstanding power. Regardless of how well He Taichong and Ban Shuxians intentions interlinked with each other, it was still inferior to Yang Qingxuan’s high alertness during battle. Although her inner energy was at par with the couple teaming up, her moves were faster in comparison by many times and she was able to keep them at bay.

    Focussing full attention on the battle, Fang Yeyu noticed that the Kunlun Sect couples footworks were sluggish and that they were moving according to the ‘Bagua’ eight diagram while launching attack after attack. It was a footwork technique which he and Yang Qingxuan had learned during the course of their martial arts training in the Ancient Tomb.

    In fact, Yang Qingxuan had realized the pattern behind the movements of the opponents after exchanging over twenty moves. She could have figured out many different ways to defeat them but yet did not because she wanted to see all the techniques of the Kunlun Sect’s swordplay.

    After fighting for thirty more moves, He Taichong’s sword stabbed forward while Ban Shuxian withdrew her sword. Yang Qingxuan knew this was the third time they had used this move. Realizing that the opponents had fully executed the moves of their swordplay and were attacking with repetitive moves,

    Yang Qingxuan moved in blur and slashed her swords out. Within four strokes, she parried the opponents attacks, gashed He Taichong in the right leg and slashed Ban Shuxian in the right arm, and leaped twenty steps back. Her moves were so fast that He Taichong and Ban Shuxian did not have time to clearly see how she brought out the swords, blocked their attacks, wounded them and moved away.

    He Taichong and Ban Shuxian instantly took a step back with a startled expression, looking at each other in astonishment.
    The two young men from Kunlun Sect rushed toward He Taichong and Ban Shuxian, supported them in an upright position, taking all her weight, and left hurriedly.

    Dropping the swords to the ground, Yang Qingxuan walked up to Fang Yeyu and giggled. “That was more fun than exchanging moves with the servants at home.”

    Fang Yeyu laughed hysterically. “Obviously it’s more fun because you don’t know those two people and you don’t need to be lenient when you fight them.”

    Yang Qingxuan squatted beside the girl, looked up at her with a sweet affectionate gaze, and asked softly, “Meimei (Younger Sister), what’s your name? What are you doing out here in the desert?”

    Reminding her of her deceased mother, the girl burst into tears. “I want my mother! Hasn’t mother flown down from the sky?”

    Yang Qingxuan exchanged glances with Fang Yeyu, wondering if it was the Kunlun Sect who killed the girl’s mother.

    Standing beside the girl, the boy took a step forward and replied on her behalf, “Her name is Yang Buhui. I’m Zhang Wuji. We’re here to look for Buhui Meimei’s father, Yang Xiao.”

    Realizing that the girl shared the same surname as her, Yang Qingxuan gently stroked her head to comfort her and said, “Buhui Meimei, don’t cry. Qingxuan Jiejie (Older Sister) will not allow anyone to bully you.”

    Xiongdi (Brother), what happened to Buhui’s mother? Did the Kunlun Sect kill her?” Fang Yeyu curiously asked.

    The boy named Zhang Wuji sighed. “Buhui Meimei’s mother was struck to death by her Shifu (Martial Master), Miejue Shitai (Great Master). I was entrusted by Buhu Meimei’s mother to bring her to her father, Yang Xiao.”

    Fang Yeyu gave a cold snort. “Rumor has it that Emei Sect’s Miejue is ruthless. Looks like she certainly lives up to her reputation.”

    Yang Qingxuan looked at Zhang Wuji and asked, “Wuji Xiaoidi (Younger Brother), Yang Xiao is the Left Emissary of Ming Cult. We’re also going to Guangming Peak to look for Yeyu’s father, we can travel together.”

    Zhang Wuji nodded delightedly. “Jiejie (Older Sister)’s name is Qingxuan and Dage (Older Brother)’s name is Yeyu?”

    “My surname is Yang,” Yang Qingxuan answered, “My name is Qingxuan.”

    “My surname is Fang and my name is Yeyu,” Fang Yeyu said with a smile.

    “Yang Jiejie, it's such a coincidence that you share the same surname as Buhui Meimei,” Zhang Wuji indicated.

    Yang Qingxuan nodded with a smile. “We should leave for Guangming Peak now before the Kunlun Sect comes back.” Carrying Yang Buhui in her arms, she took the lead and walked away while Fang Yeyu and Zhang Wuji followed closely from behind.

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    Nice. Please continue

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