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Thread: Mid-Tier Matchups # 91: YG + LDG (ROCH) vs. Shaolin Do-Generation Elders (HSDS)

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    Default Mid-Tier Matchups # 91: YG + LDG (ROCH) vs. Shaolin Do-Generation Elders (HSDS)

    Yeah...I'm going to keep throwing different combos of non-Greats at those three old Shaolin fogies until I find one that works (so far, they've defeated LWC with Dook Goo 9 Swords, Little Dragon Girl using Left/Right Hand Technique, Cheun Jen Sect's 7 Stars Big Dipper Formation with 50% LOCH Great Gwok Jing as the seventh man in the formation, the combination of Mo Yung F'uk and Yau Tan Tze from DGSD that gave even Kiu Fung problems, and even Mo Dong Sect's Jen Mo 7 Formation). up to challenge the three Shaolin Do-Generation Elders (DGSD) and their whip formation are Yeung Gor and Little Dragon Girl from mid-ROCH using the Double Sword Attack. This attack was able to fend off the Golden Wheel Monk more than once, so will it break the formation of the three Shaolin elders?

    You know that if this also fails, I'll still go looking for more non-Greats combos until I find one that works. It's become my obsession.

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    Well only due Wuji "presence" that allowed Yang Xiao and Yin Tianzheng for going toe to toe with Dunan

    Only due Wuji presence and a bit of confusion/distraction the 8 elites of Hejian could hold of Du Monks even getting unpper-hand

    Which mean you need at least 8 Yang Xiao level fighter to fight evenly with Du Monks and 9-10 Yang Xiao would be clearly defeat them so why not use L/R Ming Envoy + 4 Ming Lords + Xuan Ming Elders😁😁😁😁

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    The early version of YG+XLN lacks power to even penetrate the monks' circle. That version is just too fluffy and even lacks killer moves.

    You'd have to go with 19yo HIS YG+XLN if you want to beat the monks but 19yo HIS YG is almost a Great so it doesn't meet your requirements I guess.

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    I see this as the eternal stalemate as you are effectively putting Jin Yong's greatest defensive formation against his most evasive sword combo.

    YG + XLN can't break the three Monks but the monks can't get a beat on them either.

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