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Thread: Adventures of The Condor Heroes

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    Default Adventures of The Condor Heroes

    This fanfic is loosely based on Jin Yong's Return of The Condor Heroes.

    Chapter Links
    Chapter 1
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    Default Chapter 1

    The two branches swished through the air and collided, producing a rattling sound.

    Taking a large step back, a boy retracted the branch and brought it down in a powerful stab toward the girl's right shoulder. The girl dodged to the left, brandished the branch, and swiped it across the boys waist.

    The boy leapt backwards to dodge the attack. Lightly tapping the ground with his left foot, he sprung forward and stabbed the girl three times. The girl stood her ground. Smiling wryly, she parried the attacks with a flick of the branch.

    The boy leapt to the right, bringing the branch straight down at the girls head. As the girl moved to parry, he executed a deceptive stab and cut low. The girl counterparried, using her inner energy to direct her branch toward the boys throat. The boy evaded the quick attack and took several steps back. Their movements were swift and nimble, every move executed with deadly precision.

    The both of them were using the techniques of Yue Maiden Swordplay to spar with each other. It was the swordplay which Guo Jing had learned from his master, Han Xiaoying, the seventh member of the famous Seven Eccentrics of Jiangnan.

    Stop it, a female called out.

    Startled by the voice, the girl frantically retracted the branch and took several steps back. She was about nine years old. She wore a soft pink top and skirt. She had an extremely beautiful face and snow-white skin.

    A woman wearing a soft green soft blue flower print top and skirt walked toward the girl. She was around the age of twenty seven, she had a beautiful face and a pair of dazzling eyes. Staring sternly at the girl, she said, Fuer, I thought I told you that you are not allowed to teach the martial arts which you have learned from me and your father to others without our permission?

    The girl gave the woman a long, doleful look. Mother, the Wu brothers used the martial arts which they learned from father to bully Yang Dage (Big Brother). I was just teaching him a few stances so that he can protect himself.

    The woman was Huang Rong and the girl was her daughter, Guo Fu.

    Pretending to look sad, the boy took a step forward and said bitterly. Auntie Guo, the Wu brothers were really bullying me. Fu Mei (Young Sister) was only trying to help me. He was around the age of eleven.

    Huang Rong stared at Guo Fu and snorted. You should have told your father and I about the Wu brothers so that we can punish them accordingly instead of teaching Guoer martial arts without our approval.

    Guo Fu heaved a sigh. Father repeatedly told me that Yang Dage (Big Brother ) is the son of his sworn brother and that we must treat him well. Had I told father about the Wu brothers, he would have chased them out of the island, she said. When that happens, the Wu brothers would become homeless orphans. Furthermore, a true hero should confront his opponent courageously instead of running to others for help.
    Huang Rong who was renowned for being bright and quick-witted frowned at her daughter and briefly appeared at a loss for words.

    You have not built a strong foundation for martial arts. Recklessly teaching Guoer martial arts will only cause him to suffer from fire deviation, Huang Rong responded moments later. From now on you are not allowed to teach him anymore martial arts.

    Guo Fu stared at her mother gloomily. Father said that those who practice martial arts should draw a sword to help upon seeing injustice on the road. Nuer (Daughter - referring to herself) will not stay on the side and allow those two useless things to bully Yang Dage (Big Brother).

    Taken aback by her daughters words, Huang Rong reproved her daughter and said aloud, Fuer, the Wu brothers are your senior martial brothers. How could you call them useless things?

    Hearing the words senior martial brothers, Guo Fu gave a snort of disgust. It is because they are fathers disciples that I did not kill them with my palm when they bullied Yang Dage (Big Brother).

    Well aware that Huang Rong was biased against him, Yang Guo did not want both mother and daughter to be at odds because of him. He interrupted them and said, Fu Mei (Younger Sister), it is okay. The next time I see the Wu brothers, I will avoid them. You should not argue with Guo Bomu (Uncles Wife).

    Dont worry. I will stay by your side wherever you go. If the Wu brothers try to bully you again, I will let them experience the Fallen Hero Divine Sword Palm which I have learned recently, Guo Fu said forcefully.

    Walking toward the backyard, Guo Jing smiled at them and asked, What are you all doing out here?

    Fearing that her daughter would inform her husband about the Wu brothers mischievous behavior, Huang Rong rushed toward her husband and endearingly reached for his hand. Jing Gege (Older Brother), I was just giving Fuer and Guoer some advice on how conduct themselves to behave with integrity.

    Guo Jing smiled at his wife delightedly. Ronger, that is great. He then shifted his gaze to his daughter and Yang Guo. Kids, you must remember every single word told to you. Listening to a wise person is always better than reading thousands of books.

    Jing Gege (Older Brother), Ronger would like to take a walk to the shore and enjoy the breeze. Why dont you come with Ronger, Huang Rong said.

    Guo Jing smiled at his wife and nodded obligingly.

    Unwilling to see her daughter hang out with Yang Guo, Huang Rong looked over her shoulder at her daughter and said, Fuer, your Da Gonggong (Eldest Grandfather) is looking for you.

    Guo Fu made a face at her mother and walked away reluctantly.

    Strolling along the quiet coast, Huang Rong looked at her husband and said, I wont agree.

    Guo Jing looked at her in surprise. Agree what?

    Huang Rong replied firmly, Fuer wont be married to Guoer.

    Although his father did not do anything good, our family's friendship goes a long way. Guoer is handsome and extremely clever. Under our tutelage he will achieve great things in the future, Guo Jing said.

    Im afraid that he is too clever for his own good, Huang Rong retorted.

    Guo Jing smiled at her. Arent you clever? What is wrong with that?

    Huang Rong laughed and said, I eventually fell for a dumb boy.

    Guo Jing chuckled and said, When Fuer grows up, she may not be able to find a dumb boy to love. Anyway, I doubt there would be another dumb boy like me.

    The couple gazed at each other laughingly.

    My father and Yang Dashu (Uncle)s wish was that if one family gave birth to a boy and the other family to a girl, they would become husband and wife. I did not do my best to look after Kang Di (Younger Brother) and Mu Guniang (Young Lady). If I dont treat Guoer as my own, how can I face my father and uncle Yang? He sighed, and looked disappointed.

    Huang Rong gently said, Fuer and Guoer are still young, there is no need to rush. In future if Guoer does not become a bad person, then you can do what you like.

    Guo Jing wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. Ronger, thank you for your consent.

    Huang Rong replied, I did not agree to anything. All I said was wait and see what becomes of Guoer in the future.

    Guo Jing knew that his wife had reservations for Yang Guo. Kang Di (Younger Brother) was raised in the Jin Palace and learned his ways from them. Guoer will be on our island and he wont turn bad. It was I who gave him his name, Yang Guo, which meant to correct past mistakes. If he does anything wrong he will be able to change and make it right. You dont have to worry.

    Huang Rong laughed and said, How can a name decide things? You are called Guo Jing, are you peaceful and quiet? Ever since you were young, you would jump around like a big monkey.

    Guo Jing thought about what she said and was not able to respond.

    Smiling sweetly, Huang Rong decided to change the subject and talk about something else. I wonder how my father and our Little Hegemon-King of Peach Blossom Island are doing, she said softly.

    Our mischievous Juner is definitely having a good time wandering the jianghu with Yuefu (father in law), Guo Jing said. As he gazed at the calm sea, he felt a sudden yearning to meet his eldest son.

    Huang Rong rested her head on her husbands shoulder with a smile. I am sure he is. That naughty boy loves noise and excitement.

    After a year living with his daughter and son-in-law for a few months, Huang Yaoshi left the island in search of a more peaceful place to reside. Huang Rong knew her fathers temperament but could not think of a solution to stop him from leaving so she reluctantly did nothing.

    Huang Yaoshi would send news every few months to his daughter so that she knew he was fine. After knowing the birth of his maternal grandson, Guo Jun, he returned to the island to meet him and to celebrate his hundred days of birth. From then on, he would return to the island every once a year just to celebrate Guo Juns birthday. After Guo Fu was born, he returned to the island twice a year to celebrate their birthdays.

    On his sixth birthday, Guo Jun shared that his birthday wish was to roam the Jianghu with his maternal grandfather as he was bored living on the island. Happy that his maternal grandson would like to keep him company, Huang Yaoshi agreed to bring him along. Initially, Huang Rong did not agree to it because she did not want her son to leave her. But because she loved Guo Jun so much and knew that he would eventually sneak away from the island on his own, finally agreed to it, with the condition that he had to return to the island to visit his family.

    Last month when Juner came back, he told me that he had finished learning the Nine Yin True Scripture inner qi cultivation method. I hope that he will use the martial arts that he has learned from Yuefu (Father In Law) to uphold justice and be loyal to the country, Guo Jing said.

    Huang Rong responded with a faint smile. Well aware that her father was eccentric, she did not expect her son to be chivalrous like her husband while he was under the care of her father. Her only wish was for her son to be healthy and happy.

    Although Juner has learned the Nine Yin True Scripture, he is only ten years old and has only practiced it for a short period of time. Even if he understands the essence behind it his internal energy would not be deep enough to carry out acts of chivalry anytime soon, Huang Rong said.

    Guo Jing nodded. My only wish is that Juner becomes an upright and kind person. I dont need him to be the number one martial artist under heaven. He was also hoping that his son would not become an eccentric like his father in law, but did not say it out to his wife.


    The bright sun rose above the clear sky.

    Wu Dunru and Wu Xiuwen, the Wu brothers, stepped out of the house, looking for Guo Fu. As they walked around the island, they heard laughter and banter coming from behind the hills. They rushed toward the hill and saw Guo Fu and Yang Guo lifting stones and brushing grasses asude looking for crickets.

    Yang Guo held a bamboo tube while Guo Fu held on to a basin. Yang Guo threw a stone aside and saw a large cricket jump out. Extending his hands, he rushed forward and caught the cricket.

    Guo Fu opened the lid of the basin for Yang Guo to put the cricket inside.

    Jealous of Guo Fu and Yang Guos close relationship, Wu Xiuwen snorted with laughter and said, The cricket you just caught is no match against the crickets that we have caught so far.

    Certain that Wu Xiuwen was bragging, Guo Fu cast a cold glare at him and said, Fine. Lets have a match.

    Wu Xiuwen took out a few bamboo tubes containing crickets, picked out the liveliest one to fight. After a few rounds, the large cricket bit the waist of his cricket, causing it to slip out of the basin and jump away.

    Guo Fu smiled coldly at Wu Xiuwen, Dont say that we are bullying out. Lets have another match.

    Wu Xiuwen took out three more crickets but all three of them lost too.

    Fu Mei (Younger Sister), the cricket which you caught is certainly invincible. I bow in admiration, Wu Dunru complimented.

    Fu Mei (Younger Sister), seems like they admit defeat. Lets go and play something else, Yang Guo said with a grin.

    Guo Fu nodded with a smile. How about I teach you a few moves of the Fallen Hero Divine Sword Palm?

    Fallen Hero Divine Sword Palm? Yang Guo blurted.

    Guo Fu giggled. Fallen Hero Divine Sword Palm is one of my Waigong (Maternal Grandfather)'s consummate skills. Other than me and my mother, no one else on the island has ever learned this skill before.

    From the corner of his eyes, Yang Guo noticed the Wu brothers exchanged bitter glances in silence. Thank you, Fu Mei (Younger Sister), he said in a clear, affectionate voice.

    Wu Xiuwen took a step forward and grunted. Yang Dage (Big Brother), since Fu Mei (Younger Sister) has been teaching you martial arts over the last few days, I would like to seek some pointers from you.

    Guo Fu snorted coldly. Xiao (Little) Wu, how about you seek some pointers from me instead?

    Fu Mei (Younger Sister), why do you keep protecting this useless creature? If he is a true man, he should stop hiding behind a woman's skirts, Wu Xiuwen exasperated.

    Hearing Wu Xiuwens words, Yang Guo snarled at him. What nonsense are you talking about? You want to fight? Lets fight!

    He raised his fist and threw a punch at Wu Xiuwens chest. Wu Xiuwen dodged the attack and returned a punch to Yang Guos abdomen, knocking him several steps back.

    Wu Dunru went forward to aid his young brother. He swept his leg at Yang Guos leg and knocked him to the ground.

    Wu Xiuwen jumped forward and dived onto Yang Guo who was lying on the ground face upwards with one elbow tilted.

    Furious with the Wu brothers, Guo Fu extended her leg, kicked Wu Xiuwen in the abdomen and knocked him to the back.

    Wu Dunru raised his leg and delivered a kick to Yang Guos chin, knocking him to the side.

    Remaining on the ground, Yang Guo took in a deep breath, leapt up fiercely, and hurled his palms out at Wu Dunrus shoulder blades. Wu Dunru gave a cry of pain and fell to the ground unconscious. It was a move from the Toad Skill which he had learned from Ouyang Feng. He decided not to use the martial arts skills which Guo Fu had taught him out of pride and involuntarily used the Toad Skil to defend himself.

    Startled, Wu Xiuwen ran over to his younger brother to check on him. Thinking that his younger brother had died, he let out a loud cry and ran back to the house to share the news to Guo Jing.

    Guo Fu glanced worriedly at Wu Xiuwen and rushed over to Yang Guo. Yang Dage (Big Brother), you better run quickly. I will try to hold back my father so that he will not be able to find you.

    Yang Guo pressed his palms against the ground to get up but fell. There wasnt an ounce of strength left in his body. He lifted his head and glanced up at Guo Fu. Fu Mei (Younger Sister), You should get out of here quickly. I dont want to drag you into this mess.

    Guo Fu shook her head repeatedly. So what if father finds out that I am involved? He will probably just yell at him instead of killing me with a single palm strike.

    I dont even have the strength to get up. I wont be able to run away, Yang Guo sighed.

    Guo Fu hurriedly reached down for Yang Guos hand, placed it on her shoulder and helped him up.

    Just as they were walking away, Guo Jing and Huang Rong arrived and came running towards them.

    Fuer! What are you doing? Huang Rong shouted.

    Guo Jing squatted down, lifted up Wu Dunru and placed his index and middle finger just to the side of Wu Dunrus neck to check his pulse. He has been injured by the Toad Skill but still alive.

    Hearing the words Toad Skill Huang Rong ran over Yang Guo and asked, Where is Ouyang Feng? Where is he?

    Yang Guo did not reply.

    Staring angrily at him, Huang Rong continued to ask, When did he teach you the Toad Skill?

    Afraid that her mother would hurt Yang Guo, Guo Fu interrupted and said, It was Nuer (daughter - referring to herself) who injured Big Wu. He attacked Yang Dage (Big Brother) for no reason so Nuer knocked him out to teach him a lesson.

    Guo Jing glared at his daughter and raised his voice at her. Fuer, how can you lie? None of us knows the Toad Skill so its impossible you were the one who injured Big Wu with the Toad Skill.

    Determined to protect Yang Guo, Guo Fu retorted, Yang Dage (Big Brother) taught me the skill and I taught him the Yue Maiden Swordplay. If father wants to punish someone, go ahead and punish Nuer (Daughter).

    Huang Rong furrowed her brow and stared at her daughter silently. Fuer reminds me of myself who would do whatever it takes to protect the man whom I like. But I will not allow her to get punished by Jing Gege (Big Brother) because of Yang Guo, she said inwardly.

    Channeling his inner energy into Wu Dunrus body, Guo Jing helped him to regain consciousness minutes later.

    Hearing from Wu Xiuwen how Yang Guo flipped his body and killed Wu Dunru, Ke Zhene knew that Yang Guo had inherited Ouyang Fengs martial arts skills. Filled with hatred and vengeance, Ke Zhene rushed to the scene and heard Huang Rong asking Yang Guo about Ouyang Feng whereabouts.

    As if he did not hear Huang Rong, Yang Guo remained silent the whole time.

    Ke Zhene walked up to Yang Guo, raised his iron staff and shouted out, Where is that villain Ouyang Feng? If you dont tell me, Ill kill you with one strike!

    Hes not a villain, hes a good person. You can kill me if you want, but I wont say a word, Yang Guo said resolutely, disregarding his own safety.

    Guo Fu hurried in front of Yang Guo to protect him. Grandpa Ke, Fuer will not allow anyone to harm Yang Dage (Big Brother). If you want to kill him, you will have to kill me first, she said assertively.

    Anger gushing out of his face, Ke Zhene shouted, Since you want to die together with this rascal, I will grant you your wish. He raised his staff to strike down.

    Startled, Guo Jing and Huang Rong shouted out in unison, Da Shifu (Eldest Martial Master), dont!

    Worried about Guo Fus safety, Yang Guo rushed in front of her to take the attack instead.

    The staff slammed downward at Yang Guos head and changed direction just as it was inches away, hitting the ground instead. Ke Zhene intended to scare Yang Guo to reveal Ouyang Fengs whereabouts but as the weapon neared his head, there was still no reply so he redirected the staff and hit the ground.

    Ke Zhe E shouted out, You refuse to tell me where Ouyang Feng is?

    Yang Guo shouted back, If you have the guts go ahead and kill me, Im not scared of you blind man.

    Guo Jing rushed over to Yang Guo and slapped his face fiercely. You dare to be disrespectful towards your Grand Martial Master!

    Yang Guo glared at Guo Jing and said calmly, Since you people wont kill me, Ill do it myself! He turned around and rushed towards the sea.

    Astonished, Guo Fu leapt toward Yang Guo, held his shoulder and pulled him backward. Yang Dage (Big Brother), Fuer will not allow anyone to kill you.

    Disappointed with Guo Fu, Ke Zhene snorted in anger. Tomorrow Ill leave for Jiaxing.

    Huang Rong and Guo Jing looked at each other and understood that Ke Zhene would never live with someone who was related to Ouyang Feng in any way.

    Later that day, Guo Jing led Yang Guo to his room and said, Guoer, all that has happened is in the past, lets not talk about it anymore. You were disrespectful to Grand Master, I cannot allow you to stay with us. From now on, call me Uncle Guo.

    Yang Guo let out a sigh of relief inwardly. Although he enjoyed Guo Fus companionship, he refused to be around the Wu brothers and did not want to see them again.

    Uncle Guo is afraid that my inability to teach you will lead to your future failures. Tomorrow, Uncle Guo will take you to Mount Zhongnan and request Quanzhen Sects elder, Changchun Zi (Eternal Spring), to accept you into their sect. Quanzhen Sect is famous for its martial arts. I hope that you will take this opportunity in Chongyang Palace to hone your skills and reflect on your character and will become a gentleman.

    Yang Guo replied respectfully, Yes, Uncle Guo.

    The following morning, a refreshing breeze swept across the island from the north to west.

    Guo Fu handed a food container to Yang Guo just before he left the island. Dont worry. Once I have learned all of my mother and fathers martial arts, I will impart it to you.

    Grateful for her kindness, Yang Guo smiled and said, I will also teach you the Quanzhen Sect martial arts which I will be learning.

    The two of them smiled at each other, hooking their little finger together to keep their promise.

    Walking toward the beach, Guo Jing noticed the two of them chatting with each other. He looked at his wife and said, Ronger, arent the two of them cute? I am sure that they would make a perfect couple.

    Huang Rong giggled. Jing Gege (Big Brother), they are still too young. Lets talk about marriage when they get older.

    If it wasnt for Senior Martial Master's sake, I would rather keep Guoer with us and slowly teach him to be good.

    Deep inside her, Huang Rong was glad that Yang Guo was leaving so that her daughter would not develop strong feelings for him. We can always bring him back once Senior Martial Masters anger subside, she said, putting up the pretense that she did not mind Yang Guo living with them.

    Noticing the disheartened expression on her daughters face when Yang Guo bid her farewell, Huang Rong gently stroked her head and said, Fuer, dont worry. We will make a trip to Mount Zhongnan to visit Guoer.

    Guo Jing waved goodbye to his wife and daughter, walked Yang Guo to the boat and sailed away.


    Three months had passed.

    Guo Fu slanted to the left to dodge an attack, thrust the branch out at Wu Xiuwens shoulder, and sealed his pressure points.

    Wu Dunru hurriedly stepped forward and thrust the branch through the air at Guo Fus chest.

    With a flick of the branch, Guo Fu parried the attack, hit Wu Dunrus hand and knocked the branch off his hand. Extending her right foot forward, she pounced on Wu Dunru, sent out her index finger and jabbed Wu Dunrus chest squarely, sealing his pressure points.

    Leaping into the air, she delivered a spinning kick to the Wu brothers face and knocked them down to the ground.

    The two of you are so bad at martial arts, how are you ever going to kill Li Mochou to avenge your mothers death? Guo Fu mocked. If you two useless things had not bullied Yang Dage (Big Brother), I may have considered killing her for you.

    The Wu brother pulled themselves up and looked at each other dejectedly.

    Fuer, how can you say such things to Big Wu and Little Wu? Huang Rong reprimanded, walking across the courtyard.

    Guo Fu turned around, raised her chin at her mother and said condescendingly, Mother, I am just telling the truth. The two of them joined hands to fight me but still lost in less than ten moves. If it was Li Mochou whom they were fighting, they would have died in a single move.

    Huang Rong stood in between the Wu brothers, reached out her index finger and unsealed their pressure points.

    The Wu brothers rose to their feet and bowed to Huang Rong embarrassingly as they greeted her.

    Noticing the bruises on their faces, Huang Rong grunted, Fuer, Big Wu and Little Wu are your senior martial brothers. You should have been more lenient towards them.

    I am just training them to be tougher. If it was Li Mochou whom they were fighting earlier they would have lost their lives instead, Guo Fu replied. If mother is not happy with Fuer, mother can send me to Mount Zhongnan or Waigong (Maternal Grandfather).

    Hearing that Guo Fu was intending to leave the island, the Wu Brothers bowed to Huang Rong and said in unison, Shimu (Martial Master Wife), we are fine to get beat up by Shimei (Junior Martial Sister). She is just training us to be tougher.

    Unwilling to lose her daughter, Huang Rong walked over to Guo Fu, reached for her hand and said softly, Mother is not unhappy with Fuer. Mother just wants you to be nicer to your martial brothers.

    If mother teaches me Orchid Acupuncture Point Brushing Hand, I will try my best to be lenient with them, Guo Fu said charmingly.

    Looking at her craftily, Huang Rong gave a sneer and said, If you help me to prepare dinner tonight, I will consider teaching you Orchid Acupuncture Point Brushing Hand.
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    End of [COLOR=#000000]Chapter[/COLOR] 1
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    Dude Guo Shaotian is Guo Jing's father name...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverhawk View Post
    Dude Guo Shaotian is Guo Jing's father name...
    Noted. I have re-written the first chapter.

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    Default Chapter 2

    Seven years had passed.

    A young gentleman, wearing a sapphire blue silk gown, lightly waving a folding fan in his hand, carrying an elegant air around him, appeared at the peak Mount Zhongnan.

    Two Taoist priests guarding the entrance to the monastery approached him. May I know which friend has come to Mount Zhongnan? one of the Taoist priests asked.

    The young gentleman flashed a faint smile at them. My surname is Guo. I have come to visit Yang Shaoxia (Young Hero), he said. His voice was clear and tender, sounded like a females voice.

    Hearing the young gentlemans surname, the two Taoist priests looked at each worriedly. Suspecting that he was related to Guo Jing and the Young Hero Yang he was referring to was Yang Guo, the taller Taoist priest said agitatedly, Yang Guo has been expelled from our sect six years ago.

    The young gentleman widened his eyes slightly and gasped in surprise. Really? What happened?

    That traitor betrayed our sect and injured his own martial brother.

    The young gentleman giggled and said, He has not changed at all. Still hot tempered as ever.

    An older looking Taoist Priest walked past the main doors and went over to them. What is going on? he asked, scrutinizing the young gentleman.

    The shorter Taoist Priest bowed to him and respectfully said, Shishu (Martial Uncle), this Gongzi (Young Master) whose surname is Guo has come to see the traitor Yang Guo.

    Surname Guo? the older Taoist Priest muttered. He cupped his hands and bowed to the young gentleman. Gongzi (Young Master) must be Guo Daxia (Great Hero)s son.

    The young gentleman laughed charmingly and said, Actually my surname is Yang. I am Yang Guos little brother.

    Staring at the young gentleman angrily, the older Taoist Priest shouted, Smelly kid! How dare you play tricks on me!

    The young gentleman moved in between the three Taoist Priests and strode into the monastery in a flash. His footwork was swift and dazzling. Catch me if you can.

    Who told you that you can enter Zhongyang Palace! Come back here!

    The three Taoist Priests rushed into the monastery, chasing after him.

    Entering the courtyard, the young gentleman noticed a group of young Taoists priests practicing their martial arts.

    Catch hold of that smelly kid! He is the traitor, Yang Guos, little brother!

    As soon as the young Taoist Priests heard that the young gentleman was related to Yang Guo, they rushed toward him and stood around him in a circle.

    This is going to be fun, the young gentleman said inwardly.

    Big Dipper Formation! the older Taoist Priest called out.

    Hearing the Big Dipper Formation, the young gentlemans eyes flared with excitement. Waigong (Maternal Grandfather) once said that the Big Dipper Formation is Quanzhen Sect's greatest and most mysterious martial art, developed by its founder Wang Chongyang. Dage (Big Brother) is going to be so jealous when he finds out that I have the opportunity to experience it, he said inwardly.

    Two young Taoists Priest leapt toward the young gentleman side by side and simultaneously thrust their palm out at him. The young gentleman arced across the courtyard in a flash, evaded the attacks and delivered two palm strikes to the two young Taoist Priests backs. His moves were so fast that the two young Taoists Priests could not see how the opponent evaded their attacks and counterattacked.

    Six other young Taoists Priests standing far apart from each other raised their hands and thrust their palms out at the young gentleman. Two of them attacked him from the front, another two attacked from the sides, and the remaining two attacked from the back.

    Using the Peach Blossom Islands consummate skills, Fallen Hero Divine Sword Palm technique, the young gentleman launched four distinctive palm strikes toward four people, parrying four opponents attacks. Hearing the sound of wind whistling behind him, the young man leapt into the air, launched two simultaneous back kicks and met the two oncoming two palms strikes.

    As soon as his feet came in contact with the two palms, the two young Taoist Priests felt a burst of qi neutralizing theirs, forcing them several steps back. Glancing at each other, they were inwardly amazed with the young gentlemans profound inner qi cultivation.

    The young gentleman slanted to the left and whirled around the young Toaist Priests in a circle as if he was skating around randomly while his palms flashed all over the place, parrying and counter attacking. Moving according to the eight diagram, he launched palm attack after palm attack with sluggish footwork.

    Thrusting his palm out diagonally, the young gentleman struck a young Taoist Priest in the chin and sent him back ten feet.

    The young Taoist Priest skidded backward and knocked his back against a tree. Quickly regaining his balance, he took a quick look at himself and was surprised that he did not sustain any internal injury from that blow. Without further delay, he dashed forward to rejoin his fellow sect-mates.

    The seven young Taoists Priests stood firmly in their positions as they fought the young gentleman with all their strengths.

    Even after exchanging over a hundred moves, there was still no apparent winner. The young gentleman held back his strength and did not use any fatal moves to break the Big Dipper Formation. He was only intending to experience the power of the formation.

    The three Taoist Priests flew backward into the air and hit the ground in quick succession. Seated dumbfoundedly on the ground, they looked at each wondering what happened. All three of them were knocked down by lightning fast attacks which they never saw, but neither did they feel any pain from the attack.

    Leaping up from the ground, they regrouped with their sect-mates and continued attacking the young gentleman.

    Standing at the top step outside a hall, an old Taoist Priest gazed across the battlefield in awe. Looking at this young persons techniques and moves, I am confident that he has received handed down teachings from Huang Daozhu (Island Master), he whispered. He was Quanzhen Sects Qiu Chuji.

    Liu Chuxuan, his senior martial brother, nodded in agreement. His techniques and moves are swift, mysterious and exquisite. Watching this battle reminds me of our battle against Huang Daozhu (Island master) at Niujia Village.

    Qiu Chuji called out to a young Taoists Priest and asked him what happened between the young gentleman and their sect disciples.

    A young Taoist Priest hurried over to Qiu Chuji and explained everything to him.

    Rushing forward, the young gentleman slashed his right hand down at an angle. As soon as the young Taoist Priest moved to the right to evade, the young gentlemans left hand struck out in a flash and hit him squarely on the chest, without giving the young Taoist Priest a chance to block. The knifehand attack was in fact a feint while the palm strike was a genuine attack.

    Fuer! What are you doing? a loud voice male resounded through the courtyard.

    Startled by the voice, the young gentleman leapt twenty feet into the air and whirled far away from the young Taoist Priests.

    Qui Chuji and Liu Chuxuan looked at each other with a grin as they heard the voice.

    Looks like Jinger has arrived, Qiu Chuji said aloud, signaling the young Taoist Priests to stand down.

    Walking side by side, Guo Jing and Huang Rong arrived at the courtyard moments later. Prior to their arrival, Guo Jing caught sight of the battle and recognized the young gentleman as his daughter, Guo Fu, who was disguised as a male.

    The young gentleman who was indeed Guo Fu, bashfully skipped toward her parents and stood beside her mother.

    Frowning at her, Huang Rong said agitatedly, Fuer, how could you be so disrespectful to the Taoist Priests of Quanzhen Sect?

    Guo Fu held her mothers sleeve and smiled at her mischievously. Mother, I was only trying out the Big Dipper Formation. None of the little Taoist Priests were injured.

    Pleased with her daughters leniency, Huang Rong grinned and said, Thats good. Your father and Quanzhen Sect disciples are very close. You must not do anything to cause enmity with them.

    Guo Jing shook his head and gave a snort. Indulging mothers usually has failed kids.

    Walking toward the three of them. Qiu Chuji let out a laugh and said, Jinger, your son has great martial arts skills. Looks like Huang Daozhu (Island Master) has found a great successor.

    Guo Jing and Huang Rong cupped their hands and bowed to Qui Chuji as they greeted him.

    Smiling faintly, Huang Rong said, Qiu Daozhang (Taoist Priest), my little daughter is wilful and mischievous. Please forgive her for being rude.

    Qiu Chuji took a close look at Guo Fu and noticed that her facial features were delicate and exceptionally handsome. Her dark eyes accentuated her white face, shining brightly. Realizing that she was disguising as a male, he laughed silently and said, Ronger, your daughter is intelligent indeed. Roaming the jianghu as a male would enable her to avoid the attention of perverted villains.

    Gazing at his daughter, Guo Jing said sternly, Fuer, why have you not greeted Qiu Daozhang (Taoist Priest)?

    Casting a sweet smile at her father in response, Guo Fu cupped her hands and bowed to Qiu Chuji. Fuer greets Qiu Daozhang (Taoist Priest).

    Smiling faintly, Qiu Chuji led the three of them into the main hall.


    Guo Jing rose from his seat and smiled at Zhao Zhijing. Zhao Daxiong (Brother Taoist), how is Yang Guos martial arts training progressing? he asked politely.

    Smiling wryly, Zhao Zhijing replied, Little Taoist is incapable and does not qualify to take Yang Daye (Highly Respected Sir) as a disciple.

    Qiu Chuji stared at him intently and cut him off. Dont be rude.

    Suspecting that Yang Guo had caused trouble again, Huang Rong smiled faintly and said, If Yang Guo had offended Zhao Daxiong (Brother Taoist) in any way, Huang Rong apologizes on his behalf.

    Zhao Zhijing responded with a silent sneer.

    Yang Guo lost his parents at a young age and did not have anyone to guide him. Since the both of us are here today, why dont we call him over and get him to apologize to all the Taoist Priests, Huang Rong added.

    Unfortunately, Chongyang Palace is unable to keep Yang Daye (Highly Respected Sir), Zhao Zhijing replied mockingly.

    Agitated by Zhao Zhijings arrogance, Guo Fu went over to her mother and said, Mother, Yang Dage (Big Brother) has already left Chongyang Palace.

    Hearing their daughters words, the Guo couple looked at each other worriedly.

    Huang Rong took a step forward, looked at Qiu Chuji worriedly and asked, Qiu Daozhang (Taoist Priest),is it true that Yang Guo has left Chongyang Palace?

    Noticing the solemn expression on his martial masters face, Zhan Zhibing replied Guo Furen (Madam), it is true that Yang Guo has left Chongyang Palace.

    After hearing the news, Guo Jing gave Qiu Chuji a downhearted gaze and asked, Qiu Daozhang (Taoist Priest), what happened?

    Qiu Chuji let out a sigh and told him that Yang Guo had injured a disciple of a sect during a sparring session and ran to the Ancient Tomb for shelter.

    Guo Jing walked over to Zhen Zhibing and said, Zhen Daoxiong (Taoist brother), can you bring me to the ancient tomb?

    I dont think I can, Zhen Zhibing replied.

    Why not? Guo Jing questioned.

    Just as Zhen Zhibing was about to answer him, Qiu Chuji raised his hand and signaled him and Zhao Zhijing to take their leave.

    After the two junior Taoist Priests left the hall, Qiu Chuji gave Guo Jing a pat on the shoulder and said, Jinger, since you learned qi cultivation from my Senior Martial Brother Ma decades ago, you are considered part of our Quanzhen Sect. Therefore, you cannot enter the ancient tomb.

    Why is that so?

    My greatly respected martial master gave an order that all Quanzhen Sect disciples are not allowed to enter the ancient tomb, Qiu Chuji replied.

    Recalling the story of Wang Chongyang and Lin Chaoying which he heard from Qiu Chuji a long time ago, Guo Jing let out a sigh of disappointment.

    Huang Rong looked at her husband questioningly. Jing Gege (Big Brother), is there something Ronger does not know?

    Guo Jing smiled at her and told her about Wang Chongyang and Lin Chaoying who liked each other but never got married because Wang Chongyang who had not forgotten his wish of helping his country drive out the enemy. Assuming that Wang Chongyang had no respect for her feelings they became enemies and agreed to a duel on Mount Zhongnan.

    The condition of the duel was that If Wang Chongyang defeated her, she would commit suicide. But if she won, Wang Chongyang would have to surrender his ancient tomb to her or become a Taoist priest or a Buddhist monk and live in the vicinity of the ancient tomb on Mount Zhongnan. Lin Qianbei (Senior)s ulterior motive was to force Wang Zhenren (Daoist Spiritual Master) to either give up the tomb to her, which meant marrying her and living in the tomb together. Or if he did not want to, he had to become a Taoist priest or a Buddhist monk so that he would not marry another woman, Guo Fu said with a grin.

    Huang Rong gazed at her daughter in awe. Fuer, you are right. If I was Lin Qianbei (Senior), I would have done the same.

    Due to his affection towards Lin Chaoying, Wang Zhenren (Daoist Spiritual Master) allowed her to win the duel and made things worse. Lin Chaoying felt that he was disrespecting her by being lenient. In the end, they agreed to test their literature skills instead, Guo Jing explained.

    Guo Fu puckered her lips and said, Since Wang Zhenren (Daoist Spiritual Master) martial arts level was higher than Lin Chaoying, competing literature skills would be much fairer.

    Lin Chaoying said that whoever could write on a stone slab with his finger would win. Wang Zhenren (Daoist Spiritual Master) knew he could not do that and admitted defeat. Lin Chaoying on the other hand, walked over the stone slab and gently stroked the slab a few times. Then, she used her finger to carve a poem. After she was done she smiled wryly that Wang Chongyang was destined to become a Taoist priest. Lin Chaoying knew very well that her level in martial arts was inferior to Wang Zhenren (Daoist Spiritual Master) and proposed this duel. The very next day, Wang Zhenren (Daoist Spiritual Master) became a Taoist priest and resided on Mount Zhongnan, Guo Jing continued.

    Many years later, my respected martial master found out how Lin Chaoying won that duel through trickery from Huang Daozhu (Island Master) who came to visit him. After seeing the slab, Huang Yaoshi Daozhu (Island Master) said he had not learned the technique of writing on stone and he would think on it and return one month later. After a month, Huang Daozhu (Island Master) returned and went back to the slab with my respected teacher. Huang Daozhu (Island Master) stroked the slab with his left hand for a while then extended his right hand and used his finger to write a few words, Qiu Chuji said.

    Huang Rong smiled and said, Before Lin Chaoying wrote on the stone slab, she used a piece of small rock to stroke the stone slab to soften its surface. The stone slab would remain soft for at least an hour or so. My father saw through the trick and went away to find a suitable stone to do this and then returned to Mount Zhongnan to demonstrate it.

    Qiu Chuji let out a laugh as he looked at Huang Rong in admiration. Ronger, you are extremely intelligent indeed. He paused for a moment and then said, Although my respected teacher did not lose to Lin Chaoying in that duel, he decided not to take the ancient tomb back from Lin Chaoying and remained as a Taoist Priest. He also forbade all Quanzhen Sect disciples from entering the area within the ancient tomb. He did not want the disciples to disturb Lin Chaoying.

    Wang Zhenren (Daoist Spiritual Master) is a gentleman indeed, Huang Rong complimented.

    Guo Jing hung his head in disappointment when he realized that he could not enter the ancient tomb to bring Yang Guo back to Mount Zhongnan.

    Guo Fu slanted her head and whispered, Father, you may not be allowed to enter the ancient tomb but I can.

    Huang Rong smirked at her daughter. I am only worried that you will end up give heads up to Guoer and let him get away so I am coming with you.

    Guo Jing smiled at his wife with relief. Ronger, you are right. If we send Fuer to the ancient tomb, she will definitely tell Guoer to run away.


    Later that night, a silhouette sprinted across the backyard in a flash.

    Standing under the veranda relentlessly, Guo Fu caught the sight of the silhouette and chased after it.

    After running more than two miles, Guo Fu leapt into the air, made three quick somersaults and landed in front of the silhouette. The person in front of her was a teenage boy. She took a closer look at him and realized that he was Yang Guo. He was much taller and as handsome as before.

    The teenage boy was indeed Yang Guo. He halted his steps abruptly, stared at the young gentleman in front of him, wondering who he was.

    Yang Dage (Big Brother), why are you sneaking around Chongyang Palace in the night? What kind of tricks are you up to this time? Guo Fu asked with a smirk.

    Hearing her voice, Yang Guo knew at once that she was Guo Fu disguised as a male. Fu Mei (Younger Sister)! What are you doing here on Mount Zhongnan? he asked in surprise. You must have missed me a lot and decided to come and look for me!

    Guo Fu held her hands behind her back and with a sneer. I came with my father and mother to visit you.

    Staring at her in shock, Yang Guo blurted, Uncle Guo and Auntie Guo are here too?

    Guo Fu nodded. They have found out that you beat up a smelly Taoist priest and ran into the ancient tomb to hide. Mother will be going to the ancient tomb to look for you tomorrow. You better run away quickly. If mother finds you, she is going to drag you to Chongyang Palace and make you apologize to those smelly Taoist Priests.

    Yang Guo rubbed his neck and grunted, Since it has come to this, I should do something to make the smelly Taoist Priests pay for their crimes before I leave.

    Crimes? What did they do?

    Yang Guo went on to tell her about Hao Datong killing Grandma Sun and Zhao Zhijing forcing him to spar with other disciples without teaching him any martial arts moves.

    Guo Fu gave a snort after hearing him out. Father kept saying that the Quanzhen Sect disciples are honorable and righteous. Looks like theyre a bunch of villains instead, she snapped. Tell me, how do you want to make them pay? As long as its not a face to face confrontation, I will help you out.

    Youre willing to help me? Yang Guo looked at her delightedly.

    Like I said, as long as I dont deal with them face to face, I will do everything I can to help, Guo Fu said. Although I dont fear their Big Dipper Formation, I am afraid that my father will break my leg if he finds out that I beat up those smelly Taoist Priests.

    Yang Guo smiled conceitedly and said, There is no need for violence. I have an excellent way to deal with them.

    Afterward, the two of them returned to the monastery.

    Yang Guo wore a gray Taoist robe which he stole from a worship room, put on the wig and fake mustache before sneaking to the garden in the east with Guo Fu. The two of them noiselessly leapt onto the roof and saw Zhao Zhijing and Yin Zhiping supervising a group of young Taoist priests practicing their sword skills in the garden.

    Squatting down on the roof, Yang Guo looked at Guo Fu and signaled her to make her move.

    With a flick of her finger, she let fly a pebble and sent it straight to the back of Zhao Zhijings head and knocked him out. Suffering from a sudden blackout, Zhao Zhijing stumbled forward and fell flat to the ground.

    Startled by what had happened, Yin Zhiping and the young Taoist priests glanced around the garden searching for who knocked Zhao Zhijing out.

    A young Taoist priest gasped in shock upon seeing a man standing on the roof. His hair was white and his face covered in mud

    Who is it? Yin Zhiping yelled.

    Disguised as an old Taoist priest, Yang Guo stared at him fiercely and gave a snort. Yin Zhiping, why are you not kowtowing to your Zushiye (Grand Martial Master)? he said in a deep and croaky voice, pretending to sound like an old man.

    Zushiye (Grand Martial Master)? a young Taoist priest muttered in disbelief.

    Looking at how he knocked out Zhao Shishu (Martial Uncle) from a distance, he must be Zushiye (Grand Martial Master)! another young Taoist priest asserted.

    Get down on your knees now, Yang Guo exclaimed authoritatively.

    Refusing to believe that there were ghosts in the world, Yin Zhiping shouted, You cant be our Zushiye (Grand Martial Master)! Who are you?

    Placing his left hand behind his back, Yang Guo signaled Guo Fu to make her move. Seconds later, he raised his hand and pointed his index finger at Yin Zhiping. As he was doing this, Guo Fu, who was squatting down behind him to conceal herself, flicked her finger, sent a pebble straight at Yin Zhipings forehead and knocked him out. The speed of her move was so fast and precise that the young Taoist Priest did not see a thing.

    Yin Zhiping fell backward and hit the ground heavily.

    The young Taoist priest let out a cry of shock, turned to Yang Guo and simultaneously kowtowed to him.

    Chuckling inwardly, Yang Guo said, Zhao Zhijing has been rude and arrogant and must be canned thirty times. He paused for a moment, pointed his index finger at one of the young Taoist priests and continued, You will carry out the punishment now.

    The young Taoist priest instantly went to get a wooden rod and proceeded to hit Zhao Zhijing on the buttock.

    Awakened by the pain, Zhao Zhijing let out a loud scream.

    Hearing the loud scream, Ma Yu rushed to the garden to find out what was going on and saw Yang Guo standing on the roof, laughing to his hearts content. He was laughing so hard that the fake mustache in his face suddenly fell off.

    Who are you? Ma Yu shouted.

    Startled, Yang Guo hurriedly turned around and jumped off to the opposite direction. I am your ancestor! he shouted in his own voice.

    Yang Guo? Ma Yu called out in astonishment. Just as he was about to leapt onto the roof to catch him, a pebble flew straight at his face and forced him to back away.

    Realizing that Yang Guo was disguising as their grand martial master to make fun of them, the young Taoist priests roared with rage and ran after him.

    Running away from the young Taoist priests frantically, Yang Guo looked over his shoulder at Guo Fu and signaled her to hide behind a big tree on the right. Fu Mei (Young Sister), we better not let Uncle Guo know that you are involved in this. I will lure them away from the mountain so that you can safely return to the monastery.

    Guo Fu nodded and strode toward the big tree in a flash. Hiding behind the big tree, she watched the young Taoist priests sprint along the pathway with torches in their hands, pursuing Yang Guo.

    As soon as the young Taoist priests were gone, Guo Fu ran back to the monastery, jumped over the wall and floated to the guest room. The young Taoist priests patrolling the area only a blur of a shadow flash by and did not pay attention to it.

    Guo Fu went straight to the guest room which she was occupying, jumped into the bed and pretended to sleep.


    Guo Jing slammed his palm on a tabletop and smashed it apart upon learning about the ruckus that Yang Guo had caused. Unacceptable! How could Yang Guo, that animal do something so disrespectful!

    I will go to the ancient tomb to catch him now, Huang Rong exclaimed.

    Guo Furen (Madam), a few of our disciples saw Yang Guo running down the mountain. He is not inside the ancient tomb, Ma Yu said. We have gathered all our sect disciples to go down the mountain to look for him.

    Get some disciples to seal all routes to the ancient tomb. I dont want Yang Guo to get inside the ancient tomb, Qiu Chuji ordered.

    Limping toward Qiu Chuji, Zhao Zhijing bowed to him and said, Shishu (Martial Uncle), I was canned because of that animal Yang Guo. I would like to lead a group of disciples to go down the mountain to look for him.

    Wang Chuyi, his martial master, rejected his request and said, Zhijing, you should rest on the mountain so that your wound can heal faster. We have sent enough people down the mountain to look for Yang Guo.

    The Quanzhen Sect disciples acknowledged Qiu Chujis order and exited the hall.

    Ma Yu walked toward the Guo couple and said, Yang Guo has a helper too. While I was trying to catch him, a pebble flew out at me and forced me to back away.

    Suspecting that it was her daughter who used the Divine Flicking Finger Skill, Guo Jing looked at his wife and asked, Where is Fuer?

    She should be in her room, Huang Rong replied.

    The couple exited the hall and proceeded to the guest room where their daughter was resting.

    Lighting a candle, Guo Fu rubbed her eyes and glanced at her parents blankly. Father, mother, what is going on?

    Your Yang Dage (Big Brother) disguised as Quanzhen Sects founder and caused a ruckus in Chongyang Palace tonight, Huang Rong said. Ma Daozhang (Taoist Priest) said that someone shot a pebble at him to prevent him from catching your Yang Dage (Big Brother).

    Pretending to be shocked, Guo Fu blurted, How could he do something so disrespectful!

    Guo Jing stared at his daughter intently and asked, Fuer, was it you who used the Divine Flicking Finger Skill to help Guoer get away?

    Father, Nuer (Daughter - referring to herself) have been sleeping in the room the whole time, Guo Fu answered.

    Huang Rong knew that her daughter was involved in the ruckus but decided not to expose her because she was afraid that her husband would punish her severely. Reaching out her hand, she patted her husbands arm, and smiled lightly at him. Jing Gege (Big Brother), if it was our Fuer who helped Guoer, she would be out there with him now instead of sleeping so soundly.

    Guo Fu nodded. If Nuer (Daughter - referring to herself) was with Yang Dage (Big Brother), Nuier would have stopped him for doing something so disrespectful.

    Believing her daughter and wifes words, Guo Jing turned to his wife and said, Ronger, if Guoer falls into the hands of the Quanzhen Sect disciples, they would probably beat him to death before bringing him back to the mountain. We must not let that happen.

    Theres nothing to worry about. Like his father, he is full of devilish tricks. Those Quanzhen Sect disciples would not be able to catch him so easily, Huang Rong said.

    Guo Jing let out a sigh. Even so, I am worried that he will choose the wrong path and end up

    Cutting him off with a sigh, Huang Rong said, Guo Daye (Highly Respected Sir), dont tell me that the two of us are not able to catch a boy?

    Guo Jing grinned in agreement. That is true. We can catch him and apologize to Qiu Daozhang (Taoist Priest). I am sure that Qiu Daozhang (Taoist Priest) will give us some face.

    Huang Rong nodded. Furthermore, Fuer has been learning the Nine Yin True Scripture martial arts for six years now. I am confident that we can catch him and bring him back to apologize to Qiu Daozhang (Taoist Priest).

    Nodding her head, Guo Fu said firmly, I will definitely capture Yang Dage (Big Brother) and force him to apologize to the Quanzhen Sect Taoist priests. We can split up and look for him right away.

    Huang Rong stared at her daughter incredulously and said, That will not be necessary. We will go and look for Yang Guo together.


    Sitting by the pond fishing, Zhou Botong heard loud cries coming from the. He threw the fishing rod aside, ran toward the cries and saw Yang Guo fighting a group of young Taoist priests.

    Yang Guo kicked two young Taoist priests in the face while in midair and flipped ten steps back.

    The eleven other young Taoist priests brandished their swords as they charged toward him.

    Twelve against one? Since when did Quanzhen Sect become bullies? Zhou Botong smirked. Ma Yu, Liu Chuxuan, Qiu Chuji, Wang Chuyi, Hao Datong and Sun Bu'er are a bunch of lousy teachers.

    Eager to have some fun, Zhou Botong floated over the heads of three young Taoist priests, landed beside Yang Guo, and slapped the three Taoist priests on the face in quick succession.

    Xiao Xiongdi (Little Brother), I will help you out!

    Yang Guo cast a glance at Zhou Botong. Qianbei (Senior), thank you for lending a help hand, he responded with a smile.

    Slanting nimbly to the left and to the right, Zhou Botong dodged two oncoming attacks one after another, and struck his fists out at two young Taoist priests abdomen, knocking them down to the ground.

    He is using the Quanzhen Sect martial arts, Yang Guo said inwardly.

    A silhouette flashed past three young Taoist priests, grabbed Yang Guos shoulder, and pulled him into the air, out of the encirclement. As soon as they landed on the ground, Guo Jing struck out his index finger, poked his shoulder and sealed his pressure points to prevent him from running away.

    Zhou Dage (Big Brother Zhou), please stop fighting.

    Recognizing that it was Guo Jings voice, Zhou Botong elbowed another young Taoist priest on the chest, knocked him down to the ground and leapt out of the encirclement. Xiongdi (Younger Brother)! What a pleasant surprise!

    The fallen young Taoist priests leapt up from the ground, regrouped themselves and confronted Guo Jing who was standing beside Yang Guo.

    Guo Daxia (Great Hero), I hope that you are not defending this traitor!

    Walking gracefully toward her husband, Huang Rong said, We will definitely not. Please inform Qiu Daozhang (Taoist Priest) that we have found Yang Guo and will bring him back to the mountain shortly.

    Following her mother from behind, Guo Fu turned her head and stared at Yang Guo worriedly. She knew that with her parents around, it would be impossible for her to help him escape.

    The young Taoist priests knew that it would be impossible to force the Guo couple to hand over Yang Guo to them. Without choice, they bowed to the couple and left the area.

    Guo Fu ran over to Yang Guo and slapped him lightly on the arm. Smelly kid, how could you disguise as Wang Chongyang to play a trick on those smelly Taoist priests! You are in deep trouble right now, she winked, indicating that she did not get caught for helping him.

    Seeing that she did not get caught, Yang Guo breathed an inward sigh of relief.

    Zhou Botong widened his eyes and stared at Yang Guo with shock. He was going to tell Yang Guo that he must have had a lot of fun pranking the Taoist priests, but did not, because Yang Guo made use of his late senior martial brothers identity to prank them.

    Raising his hand, he slapped Yang Guo in the back of his head. Smelly kid, you should have disguised as a ghost to prank those smelly Taoist priests instead. It is really wrong of you to disguise as my Shixiong (senior martial brother).

    Guo Fu glared at Zhou Botong and said coldly, Old man! Who are you? How dare you hit my Yang Dage (Big Brother).

    Fuer, dont be rude to your senior. He is my sworn brother, Zhou Botong, Guo Jing cut in.

    Guo Fu looked at Zhou Botong from head to toe and said smilingly, So you are Old Urchin, Zhou Botong?

    Huang Rong walked over to her daughter and spanked her lightly in the back. Fuer, didnt you hear what your father said?

    Zhou Botong was so overjoyed to see Huang Rong that he could hardly control himself and started jumping around her. Huang Rong! It has been so long since we last met!

    Guo Fu reluctantly bowed to Zhou Botong and greeted him respectfully.

    Seeing that she was Guo Jing and Huang Rongs child, Zhou Botong giggled, Its okay. But people in the jianghu normally call me Old Urchin instead of Old man.

    Huang Rong shook her head and grinned amusingly. Old Urchin, what are you doing here?

    I was fishing by the pond side and heard people shouting so I came to see what was going on, Zhou Botong replied playfully.

    Remembering her mother telling her that Zhou Botong was a senior of the Quanzhen Sect, Guo Fu smiled at her mother and said, Mother, if we bring Yang Dage (Big Brother) back to Mount Zhongnan now, those Taoist priests will definitely beat him to death. Why dont we go find a place to sit down and think of a way to sort out the mess which Yang Dage (Big Brother) has created.

    Huang Rong glanced at the unhappy Yang Guo and then shifted her gaze to her husband. Jing Gege (Big Brother), Fuer is right. Lets go and find an inn to stay for the night.

    [COLOR=#000000]End of Chapter 2[/COLOR]
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