When I was a kid, I remember watching this old Wuxia series. The show was of the more supernatural stuff, where there were spells, wizardry, illusions, etc., along with martial arts. It was set in the very early times, NOT in Manchu/Qing/Soldier times. The whole thing was very similar to The Zu Mountain Saga.

I don't remember who the main lead characters were at all, which makes this difficult to find.

The only things I do remember was:

1) There being a villain who was a guy who wore white clothes, with long blue hair. He was like a supernatural being who was good at martial arts and defeated a lot of people in the show. On the occasions where he was knocked down or defeated, he would "resurrect" by getting up off the ground in a "zombie" way (his top half rising up without the use of his hands) and continue the fights. I think remember the actor who played this guy, shown the in the link below.

2) Later on the show, a woman who is also of the same supernatural being as the guy above appeared, she wore the same white clothing with long pink hair, and was called "Sim Deen" (which means Lightening in Cantonese). She was more powerful than the guy and was able to defeat the people that the blue hair guy couldn't beat.

3) This may be wrong, but I think I remember the protagonists of the show went to get help from an "expert", this expert was an old'ish guy with a white beard who wore brown clothing and wielded a Sabre with the multiple rings on the blade that made the rattling sounds. I believe he took on both the Blue Hair Guy and Pink Hair Lady together in a forest at night time, he could manage to get hits on the blue hair guy but he couldn't manage against the pink hair lady.

The blue hair guy villain was played by either of these two actors, I cannot remember which one of the two. See link here: https://i.ibb.co/6F1YPMD/Wuxia1.jpg

Any help will be most appreciated, thanks in advance.