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Thread: Xiaohui Mao (毛晓慧)

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    Default Xiaohui Mao (毛晓慧)

    This lady has the honour of playing/having played XLN in the upcoming Return of the Condor Heroes 2022.


    First Name: Xiao Hui
    Family Name: Mao
    Native name: 毛晓慧
    Nationality: Chinese
    Gender: Female
    Born: February 10, 1996
    Age: 26 (at this time of writing)



    As Xiaolongnu:


    - Some fans have criticized her "large neck" in some ROCH2022 still photos of her
    - She has been compared to Liu Yifei's XLN
    - On initial appearance as XLN, some people have said she doesn't match up to Idy Chan, Carmen Lee and Liu Yifei's XLNs


    Generally, I think she's very beautiful and is a combination of both cute and sxy. This is my opinion as a guy though.

    I think she has the look for XLN and is a pretty hot adult XLN. Again this is my opinion as a guy.

    A more-than sufficient redemption to the disastrous miscast that is Michelle Chen in ROCH2014. This time the guys actually get some adult XLN eye-candy!
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