When Gwok Jing brought the young Yeung Gor to Mt. Chung Nam for the first time, they found the Cheun Jen Sect's Chung Yeung Temple under attack by Fok Do, Dat Yee Ba, and a group of random, unnamed warriors who were looking to marry the just-turned-18 Little Dragon Girl on a false tip by Lee Mok Sau.

Any idea whom those randoms were? It was vaguely suggested in one of the adaptations that the group consisted of former Jin Empire warriors and soldiers who didn't have jobs anymore because the Jin Empire had recently fallen to the Mongols. I suppose it's possible, considering that if they were Jin warriors, they would have had a bone to pick with the Cheun Jen Sect regardless of the Little Dragon Girl incentive. Some of them weren't bad fighters; they gave the Cheun Jen Elders all they could handle and even Gwok Jing's victory over them wasn't effortless.