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Thread: Why Did Lin PingZhi Not Seek Refuge With His Grandfather, Golden Sabre Manor?

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    Default Why Did Lin PingZhi Not Seek Refuge With His Grandfather, Golden Sabre Manor?

    When Lin Pingzhiís family were attacked the Qingcheng sect, Lin Zhen Nan and his wife already mentioned finding Linís maternal grandfather in Luoyang for assistance.

    Also after Yue Buqun managed to take possession of the Bixie Swordplay kasaya from an unconscious Linghu Chong, he tried to kill Lin Pingzhi a few times, and nearly succeeded in those attempts; these were the times that Lin Pingzhi was most vulnerable in his life.

    Quite a few times, Lin Pingzhi started questioning himself how could he survive those ordeals and get revenge for his parents.

    So why did Lin Pingzhi not really seek help from his grandfather then?

    Although the Golden Sabre school is not as established and skilled as Huashan sect, it is safe to assume that Yue Buqun will not be able to try anything funny against them (at least directly) should Lin Pingzhi escape there.

    At the very least, Lin Pingzhi can stop worrying about any imminent danger to his life under the protection of his grandfather. He can also expose Yue Buqun's true colors to the pugilistic world through the Golden Sabre Manor.

    Any thoughts?

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    He probably thought of doing that but don't want to endanger his only living family. N saying goes most dangerous place is safest so it was easier to just woo the daughter n use her as human shield

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    Young Hero Lin (YES, he was a true hero back then!) had 1 priority: following the trail of his parents to free them.

    If he went to Luoyang to ask for Golden Blade Wang's help, the trail would turn cold and his parents would 100% die.

    Young Hero Lin was SO CLOSE to Night Rain of Xiaoxiang Mo Da during his musical and sword performance at the inn early in the story.

    If Young Hero Lin followed Mo Da as he walked out of the inn and begged for his help, he would definitely get it! Whether Mo Da can save his parents in time or not, that is unsure, but Mo Da would certainly accept Young Hero Lin as his disciple, with no ill thoughts or ulterior motives.

    Mo Da was a true gentleman and hero.

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    Simple answer if Lin Pingzhi seeking help he wouldn't have Bixie Manual and revenge his parents..

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