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Thread: Jing Yong's notes

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    Default Jing Yong's notes

    After Jin Yong passed on a few years ago, I wonder if the Jin Yong estate will release unpublished notes or ideas that were not included in the novel. Do you think that the estate will publish these unpublished notes. For example: Hu Fei gaining the advantage of Miao Renfeng. If he doesn't finish that stance, he would might be letally wounded by Miao Renfeng.

    Did Fan Yao poison Han Qianye in HSDS?

    Did Jin Yong intend to write HSDS with Guo Xiang as the protagonist?

    Ode of Gallantry, Shi Potian reuniting with his parents?

    I would really want this work; similar to Tolkien's work.
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    It was a bit odd that HSDS opened with Gwok Seung just three years after the conclusion of ROCH, only to then suddenly jump ahead 77 years in time to focus on an entirely different group of characters.

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    Hu Fei and Miao Renfeng situation, actually there is a win-win solution, Jin Yong made the story as if one of them must die, but both of them could just retract their own strikes, so no one get hurt, and then happy ending.

    Shi Potian... perhaps he would be adopted as a foster child by his biological parents 😂

    if i may add:

    1. Why the body of princess fragrance disappeared although her tomb were guarded all the time?
    2. What is the name of Xiao Long Nu's teacher?
    3. Did Lao Denuo castrate himself?
    4. What is the name of the fifth elder of kongtong sect in hsds? (all editions of HSDS never mentioned his name)
    5. Rumor said, Jin Yong once wanted to revise Duan Yu to end up with 8 womens in the 3rd edition (dont now if it's true or not), but i am curious who are they?
    6. What is the surname of zhi fa zhanglao in hsds?
    7. Why Jin Yong never mentioned Japan even once in all his novels? JY hates japan?
    8. Unlike HSDS and SSRB, Huashan sect in SPW seems like not a taoism sect, but confucianism, why JY did make something so inconsistent?
    9. Why Jin Yong never use Tang dynasty era in his wuxia stories?
    10. Wuji could easily copy opponent's martial arts in early story (dont know because of his 9-Yang or his intelligence alone or QKDNY, no clear explanation in novel) , but later he seems never do it anymore. Why is that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Cheng View Post
    It was a bit odd that HSDS opened with Gwok Seung just three years after the conclusion of ROCH, only to then suddenly jump ahead 77 years in time to focus on an entirely different group of characters.
    I thought that was just a hook to provide the continuity from the previous 2 volumes. After the fall of Xiangyang and ultimately China, there wasn't much going on except for 50+ years of asskicking handed down by the Mongols. Jin Yong couldn't alter history so whoever Chinese hero came up in this period would inevitably get their *** handed to them by the Mongols (kinda like the WCY/pre-LOCH era).

    So that's why we get forwarded to 70 years later when the story would take more positive developments (from a Chinese reader's perspective).

    Having said that, there are a few story arcs in this period some of us would probably be interested in.

    Did ZSF ever fight any Great-level fighters? Like maybe a Mongol antagonist ala GWM? Or the master of the XM Elders? Did he ever meet Yang Dingtian? How did YDT rise to fame? What was the martial arts level of Guo Xiang? Did YG ever come back to Wulin?

    Agree with the OP that a few notes from JY, especially about this period would be interesting.

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    What was the original ending to ROCH like, with XLN dead?

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