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Thread: vpn connection: error 789 immediately

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    Default vpn connection: error 789 immediately

    i've got a problem connecting via vpn. the vpn connection was set up on
    my notebook by our systems administrator, and is supposed to work - but
    it doesn't. i've got windows xp sp2 and i connect to the internet via
    adsl. when i start the vpn connection i immediately get error 789
    (L2TP) - without any data being transferred over the adsl connection.
    I've searched for a solution to this problem some time now - and there
    seem to be some topics about IPsec and NAT-T but it didn't work for me. Maybe it's a ports issue? I'm lost.

    Thanks for any input,

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    You may try to follow this article hope the error will solve-

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    Error 789 (L2TP) can indeed be a tricky issue to troubleshoot. Since you've already explored possibilities like IPsec and NAT-T without success, it might be worth checking your firewall settings to ensure the necessary ports are open for VPN traffic. Commonly used ports for VPN protocols like L2TP are UDP 500 and UDP 4500. Additionally, ensure your VPN client and Windows XP are updated with the latest patches and security fixes. If the problem persists, reaching out to your systems administrator for further assistance or consulting with IT support could provide a solution. Good luck!

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