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Thread: Network Switch purchase/setup recommendations

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    Default Network Switch purchase/setup recommendations

    I am looking at pricing out some HPE network switches.
    We are a small business currently and I am looking at recommendations on how I should setup my network. I have a watchguard firewall, a few servers, and a couple of WAPs.
    I am in the works of setting up VLANs to separate the network since I am basically at ground zero for the network. I will have multiple VLANs on the switches.
    Would you recommend just a core switch with an access switch or two? I am trying to future proof and so I was thinking along these lines.

    What HP switches would you recommend for the job? I am only looking at HP right because we currently sell the aruba WAPs that we will eventually use in house.

    Thank you for any recommendations.

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    I would say that's more than enough power. Cisco and Juniper makes a nice switch. Just make sure your distributor gives you a good discount!
    Sounds like you've got it covered. Just make a sketch of the building with port locations, and draw it out the way you envision it. Things usually just fall into place after that.
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