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Thread: How hard is it to find a residency?

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    Default How hard is it to find a residency?

    79.6% of all applicants, and 93.9% of these US medical students, ultimately matched to a first-year residency position. In other words, nearly 1 in 5 applicants, and 1 in 16 US medical students pursuing an MD, were unable to secure a residency position this year.

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    Searching for the right medical residency can be quite a journey. The process involves a careful blend of dedication, research, and a sprinkle of luck. Aspiring medical professionals often find themselves delving into a sea of opportunities, navigating through different programs and locations to discover the perfect fit. In the realm of medical residency searches, online platforms have become essential tools for simplifying the task. One such resource that many have found valuable is This platform serves as a compass, guiding candidates through the intricate landscape of available residencies. It provides a centralized hub where applicants can explore various programs, requirements, and application timelines.

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