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Thread: Looking for this TVB show where Yammie Lam is accused/framed for murder?

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    Default Looking for this TVB show where Yammie Lam is accused/framed for murder?

    In the 1990s I remember watching this TVB series set in modern times (not wuxia) where actress Yammie Lam 藍潔瑛(RIP) played a female character who was accused of or framed for murder, and eventually ended up having her death sentence carried out.

    The only things I remember from this series are:

    1) Her lawyer, who tried to defend her, was played by Gregory Charles Rivers (TVB's token white guy). I remember in one scene where he was stuck in an elevator when he had to rush to the Police to delay/pause her death sentence or something.

    2) Shortly before Yammie's character's death sentence was carried out, she dressed in Chinese female bridal wear, I think it was her last request.

    3) When the police were after her, an old guy on the street pointed her out and said she did the murder.

    Can anyone help identify this series? Thanks in advance.
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    #2 make me think about the beginning of Looking Back in Anger.

    But I am not sure if #3 happened but the lawyer that tried to defend her wasn't Gregory Charles Rivers.

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    Everything you described was from a series called Looking Back in Anger, but her defense lawyer was Cheng Gwan-min and not Gregoy Charles River.
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    Now, I want to watch that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoNovak View Post
    Now, I want to watch that.
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