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Thread: What was the real identity of duan yu's fairy sister

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    Default What was the real identity of duan yu's fairy sister

    In dgsd, duan yu ran into a statue of fairy sister and found a manual for graceful steps upon towering waves and northern Ocean of darkness. He believed several woman who resembled the statue to be her. But who was it really who left the manual under the statue. WuYa Zi had the chess formation to pick his successor, Tianshan Tonglao was a midget and wouldn't have left it under another's name. Li Qiushui had no reason to request the inheritor to kill the members of carefree sect. Could the person who left the manual be Li Qiushui's unnamed sister. WuYaZi was in love with her and could have taught her the skills in the manual, and she could have left the manual behind to seek revenge for WuYaZi as everyone left from carefree sect had either betrayed or failed WuYaZi. She might not have know WuYaZi survived and left the manual behind before taking her own life to accompany in to the afterlife.

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    Wuya Zi found a large piece of jade and decided to carve a jade statue of Li Qiushui, at that time Wuya Zi and Li Qiushui were married. As he was carving he subconsciously carved it in the image of the woman he really loved: Li Qiushui’s younger sister, whose name was never mentioned. When the statue was finished, Wuya Zi was quite fixated with the statue and Li Qiushui got jealous and went out to seduce young handsome men, but she never slept with those young men. Those young men were killed and their corpses were dumped into the lake. Wuya Zi was still enchanted by the statue, and in her final attempt to win over her husband, she had an affair with Ding Chunqiu. The rest is history.
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    It's both amusing and disturbing how much revenge sex is a recurring undercurrent of DGSD.

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